FIDA Yobe Branch Facilitates Release of Young Female Suspect who gave Birth in Prison

Chairperson of FIDA Yobe State Branch, Altine Ibrahim, Esq.

The International Federation of Women Lawyers, FIDA, Yobe State, on Wednesday expedited the release of a young girl, Amina Gambo who delivered a baby in a custodial facility in the state.

In a statement from the Chairperson of FIDA Yobe State, Altine Ibrahim, Esq, Gambo got reprieve with support from the Commissioner of Women Affairs and other groups such as, INOL, WOYEIN, FOPGEMOV, AFRYDEV and Fika LGA.

According to Mrs Ibrahim, Amina had a fight with her in-law (wife of her husband’s elder brother), the in-law followed Amina to her house and fought her, both were pregnant.”

Unfortunately, the in-law died some days later. Amina was accused of causing the death and subsequently charged to court. She was remanded at the correctional centre where she gave birth while awaiting trial. FIDA intervened and provided her with a lawyer.

Meanwhile she received assistance from other organisations during the birth. FIDA Yobe State, under the leadership of Hajiya Altine Ibrahim facilitated her released and she was handed over to their village head on Tuesday.”

In court, the FIDA-assigned counsel argued that there was no prima facie evidence to substantiate the charge against the suspect since no weapon was used during the fist-cuff. After careful study, the Judge agreed with the submission and struck out the case.

FIDA is dedicated exclusively to advancing and defending women’s rights. The organisation has continuously proved its commitment to making the criminal justice system more responsive to the needs and rights of women and their families. 

FIDA fills a unique gap in Yobe – providing legal assistance to indigent women facing high-stakes legal needs, who cannot get help elsewhere.

The Chairperson of FIDA Yobe State Branch, Altine Ibrahim, Esq. can be contacted on


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