December 4, 2023

Former Vice Chairman, NBA Degema Branch, I.F. Igbikikuno, Esq. Appeals to Lawyers to Elect Funmi Adeogun as NBA National Treasurer

Funmilola Oluwatosin Adeogun, Esq.

Good morning Our Respected Learned Silks, Seniors and other very Distinguished Colleagues.

May the Good Lord bless us this morning and guide us in all we do.

Sirs, as we all know, our general election is coming up on the 16th of this Month and we are all expected to vote persons who have been tested and trusted to man the various offices in the NBA to continue the legacy of the Olumide Akpata’s administration.

While I cannot say anything about other Aspirants because I do not know them, I can say without any fear of contradiction, that Our Own Funmilola Adeogun Esq. has demonstrated an Exceptionally Sparkling Leadership quality that we all on this platform can attest to.

We saw it in the days preceding our last AGC, during the AGC and beyond. We all can attest to the huge success we achieved as a Body under the able leadership of Our Own Funmilola Adeogun working very closely with, and under the guidance of Our First Vice President who was physically present at the NBA Port Harcourt Branch House strategising with us before the AGC. I can still remember that very vividly.

It was in that meeting that Funmilola Adeogun announced to us and sought for our undiluted and unalloyed support for her to emerge as the next Treasurer of the NBA.

I can also say that we have achieved a lot as a Body under Funmilola Adeogun as the Leader of the VCs in the area of addressing violations of human and people’s rights. Several examples abound.

So, if we are looking for competence, sincerity dedication to duty, selflessness and indefatigability, I think Funmilola has it all.

I know that we must all have been individually approached by other Aspirants, but as a Body that has known who Funmilola is, I think we should passionately consider her for that position.

We have already become just like a family that has been glued together by the same umbilical cord as a baby is attached to its mother in womb. Let us do our best for her.

The last time I checked our number on this platform, we are about 140 members.

If this number can cast our votes for Funmi plus other persons we can convince to vote in her direction, I am sure Funmilola Adeogun will clinch the ticket. The victory, though it will be for the Bar, but we all as a group will be happy that we have done ourselves proud.

In like manner, I plead with us to vote for all our members on this platform who are in the national race for other positions, if any. Our votes will certainly make a difference for them. I do not know all their names and the positions they are vying for, but to help us, Funmilola Adeogun please let us have the names and positions, if any. It will certainly help us in our decision.

I am not directing us to do what has just been stated. Indeed, I lack the powers to so do. But I am appealing to us all to reconsider our decision as it has to do with the forthcoming elections. The Bar will be greater for it. Only people we have worked closely with and can attest to their respective abilities should merit our consideration.

Thank you all and may the Good Lord direct us as we vote.

I.F. Igbikikuno, Esq.,
Immediate Past Vice Chairman, NBA Degema Branch.

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