March 3, 2024

Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Eleven New Lawyers Join Nigerian Bar Association: What Next?

Another historic date was made on the 6th and 7th December, 2022, when NBA was swollen with new members. These new wigs are totally new to the profession. They need mentoring, assistance and good professional tutoring at least for five years. They should therefore not to be left alone by the NBA at this stage. Legal profession is a unique and special profession.

It is imperative that, ideas,bsuggestions and way forward be provided on the possible ways to build in these new lawyers into the land of bewilderness they have just being initiated into. On this premise may I suggest as follows:

i- These new 4,711 new lawyers came from various states of Nigeria.

ii- Each of them is an automatic member of NBA and by extension member of the NBA Branch he or she wishes to settle into or belong to.

iii-Let them report to such NBA Branch and have them registered.

iv-Let the Branch assign each to Law offices or chambers of senior members of bar who is not less than twenty years post call for engagements.

v-Reasonable stipend and other assistance be given to them to keep the body and soul together.

The advantage of this attachment will give the new lawyers the following:

i-Firsthand experience.

ii-Have them settled into the legal profession.

iii-Get them know the nitty-gritty of how to do the followings:
a-Practical knowledge of how to make appearances before Supreme,Court of Appeal, High Court, Sharia/Customary Court of Appeal and other special Courts, Magistrate, Sharia and Customary Courts.
b-Practical knowledge of how to prepare legal documents to be presented before these Courts.
c-Proper courtroom decorum and how to make address to these categories of Judges.
d-Stages of when to present No Case Submission, the issue of preliminary objections and final address to the Court.
e-Tutoring them on how to interact with sister bodies like Nigeria Police, Civil Defence, Correctional officers, FRSC, Customs, Immigration and even private clients.

iv-Expose them to other opportunities offered by the legal profession.

If NBA can improve upon this suggestions, the plight of these new lawyers can be arrested and dignity of legal profession will be maintained. So also it will provide a stepping stone for these young lawyers to start preparing gradually for the feature endeavour.

I make a passionate appeal to the NBA President and all NBA Branch Chairmen to give due consideration to these suggestions.

May we be guided.
Lakpene Yusuf Bida, Esq,

Lakpene Yusuf Bida, Esq. was called to the Nigerian Bar in July 1983. Before then, he attended Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria for Dip.In-Law between 1975/1977, LLB between 1979/1982, and the Nigerian Law School, Victoria Island, Lagos, between 1982/83. NYSC Kwara 1983/84. Mr. Lakpene worked as Court Registrar 1977-1979 and was appointed as Magistrate by Niger state Judiciary and served between 1984-1991. He later transferred service to the Legal Division NNPC and served at different capacities such as Legal Adviser/Company Sec. KRPC, Legal Adviser/Company SEC.NETCO, Lagos, Legal Adviser/Company Sec.IDSL, Benin. Since retirement, he has authored about eleven books on different legal topics. Four yet to be published. A Notary Public and daily article writer on the WhatsApp and Facebook. He’s also a part time law lecturer in Minna and has traveled overseas for various official assignments. He is married with children

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