Covid-19: Friends of Olu Akpata, Osarodion Ogie, Dele Edokpayi, Joy Kroger Bridget lead Donations to NBA Benin Palliative Committee for Young Lawyers 

Food bags made possible by donations to the Nigerian Bar Association Benin branch palliative committee ready for dispatch

Friends of Lagos based benevolent lawyer and senior Partner at Templars, Olumide Akpata have led the quantum of donations to the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Benin Branch Humanitarian Committee to provide Commodities for Young and Vulnerable Lawyers.

Friends of Olumide Akpata, led by Olayiwola Afolabi, Esq. on Saturday the 11th of April, 2020, donated food bags worth Hundreds of Thousands of Naira to the Bar led by the Lion Bar Chairman, Prince Collins Benson Ogiegbaen, A.I.C.M.C.

The Chairman who received the Food Bags on behalf of the Lion Bar thanked Friends of Olumide Akpata and all other donors for their generosity so far to the NBA Benin Branch’s efforts to cushion the effect of the ongoing coronavirus lockdown on young lawyers.

Ogiegbaen stated that the generosity of the donors has been as constant as the Northern Star.

Prince Ogiegbaen particularly expressed gratitude to the Friends of  Olu Akpata for being the most generous donors to the relief drive as Olumide Akpata’s benevolence to the Benin Bar has been unshaken over the years.

Other Donors to the NBA Benin Humanitarian Committee, which has helped to provide palliative to young lawyers as at the time of this report are:

  1. Olayiwola Afolabi, Esq: N20,000:00k
  2. Hon. Pascal: 10 packs of 5 KG Rice
  3.  Mrs. Pat. Agbale: One Carton of Indomie
  4. Mrs. Lizzy Iyamu Ojo: N10,000:00k
  5. Solomon Odiase Esq.: N30,000:00k
  6. Dele Edokpayi Esq.: N100,000:00k
  7. Mrs. Dupe Ojo: N20,000:00k
  8. Iryn Omorogiuwa: FIDA Chairperson: N15,000
  9. Anonymous Donor: N10,000:00k,
  10. Austin Akahomen: N10,000:00k,
  11. Anonymous Donor: 5,000:00k,
  12. Dr. Simeon Imoisi: N5,000:00k,
  13. Abraham Oviawe, Esq.: N10,000:00k,
  14. Mrs. Ebehitale Osarumwense: 3 Cartons of sachet Tomatoes Paste
  15. Mrs. Egbe Okojie: N10,000:00k,
  16. Yvonne Osawe: N5,000:00k,
  17. Philomena Odiase: N5,000:00k,
  18. Anselem Ojezua Esq.: N50,000:OOk,
  19. B.O. Kroger Joy Bridget: N100,000:00K,
  20. Mathew Oghogho: N5,000:00k,
  21. Oluwole Iyamu SAN: SG/PS Edo State MOJ: N50,000:00k,
  22. Michael Osarodion Igiede: N4,000:00k,
  23. Ogaga Emogwanre: N5,000:00k,
  24. Idemudia Ilueminosen: N10,000:00k,
  25. Mrs. Stella Aigbe: N10,000:00k,
  26. Mathew Oghogho: N5,000:00k,
  27. Dr. Solomon Arase (Rtd. ,IGP): N50,000:00k,
  28. P.E. Uwadiae Esq.: 20,000:00k,
  29. Mrs. F.N. Edokpolo: N10,000:00k,
  30. Mrs. Pat Agbale: N5,000:00k,
  31. Tim Obamedo Woghiren: N10,000:00k,
  32. Felix Ahonsi: N10,000:00k,
  33. Ovenseri Otamere: N20,000:00k,
  34. Osato Ize Iyamu: N10,000:00k,
  35. Anonymous Donor: One Bag of Rice ,
  36. Jibril Eroh Esq.: N10,000:00k,
  37. Osarodion Ogie Esq.,SSG,Edo State: 5 Bags of 50kg  Rice ,
  38. Mrs. Rosemary Oriane- Akere: N5,000:00k,
  39. David Maduku Esq.,: 150 Bags of Notre Dame Water and N10,000:00k,
  40. Steve Okoshone: N20,000:00K


Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.,Secretary, NBA Benin Humanitarian Committee.


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