Gadzama FC and the Support Staff of J-k Gadzama LLP Draw at the Exhilarating J-K LLP End of Year Football Match

A joyous game: Gadzama FC and the Support Staff of J-k Gadzama LLP celebrate after the match

In celebration of the end of the year, J-K Gadzama LLP held its usual End of Year Football Match on Wednesday, 14 December 2022. This year, there was a twist as the Support Staff took on Gadzama FC instead of the lawyers of the firm. After the match, both teams tied with 6 goals each after what was an indeed fierce yet thrilling 90 minutes.

In the first half of the match, the support staff led with a scoreline of 5-2 starting with an exceptional goal from Ojo Eniwonmi and followed almost immediately by 2 brilliant goals from Paul Ebiloma which resulted in sounding cheers from the crowd.

At the commencement of the Second half, the match took an unexpected turn as Gadzama FC came back better than ever rejecting nearly all attempts to score by the Support staff. The second half which was indeed intense and kept the crowd on their toes began with a goal from Gadzama FC scored through a free kick. The celebration for the support staff was short lived as Gadzama FC’s Madu Gadzama, scored a goal following an assist from Jerry Ombugadu Musa. After a scintillating 90 minutes, the match came to an end with a tie of 6-6 from Gadzama FC and the support staff.

The match witnessed the presence of Joe-Kyari Gadzama, SAN, Francis Oronsaye (Managing partner, J-K Gadzama LLP), Oluniyi Adediji (Junior Partner, J-K Gadzama LLP), Mark Chidi Agbo (Junior Partner, J-K Gadzama LLP) and over 30 staff who cheered heartily till the end of the match. The match ended on a light note with music, food, drinks and an atmosphere filled with lots of laughter and love. Indeed, what a joyful way to End the Year.

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