Goodwill Message by Daniel Kip to the NBA-YLF ABA Branch on the Occasion of Its 2022 Young Lawyers Summit

Daniel Kip, Esq.

I am delighted to deliver a Goodwil Message on this occasion of the 2022 Young Lawyers Summit of the NBA ABA Young Lawyers Forum holding in the City of Aba, Abia State. Aba has deservedly, acquired a reputation as a commercial hub of the South East as the Ariaria International Market which is famous for its handicrafts is the second largest market in Nigeria after the Onitsha Main Market so it’s not suprise for the regular gathering of Lawyers and their associates, for diverse Conferences and other events over the years.
I am therefore convinced that all distinguished participants and invitees will find the city a worthy host for what promises to be a fruitful and fulfilling Summit.May I commend the organizers of this wonderful Young Lawyers Summit with the theme ‘Building a successful Legal career and expanding Legal minds; Prospect for Young Lawyers. This Summit brings together men and women of this reputable profession from all parts of this beloved Country, thus, stamping the essence of us all in making the future of the NBA particularly Young Lawyers as well as this noble profession.

The Young lawyers Forum by virtue of its stated objectives which is to articulate the welfare of Young Lawyers and address the issues concerning their welfare and professional growth has the potentials to become a very key instrument for the achievement of the ideals of its mother body, the NBA which emphasize the promotion and protection of the Rule of law and respect for human rights . As lawyers, your contribution to the enthronement of the Rule of Law and principles of good governance, which the NBA direly requires can not be over-emphasized. I therefore hope that this Summit will help the YLF to reinforce that sense of purpose and provoke new initiatives that will make this association an even more visible voice in the NBA.

As Young Lawyers who are naturally leaders in our communities and other social and official settings, let us use the advantage of that privilege to work as individuals and as a collective towards a more prosperous and humane future for ourselves and the next generation. I trust that the Young Lawyers Forum will continue to be guided by this ideal.

I wish you a most fulfilling Summit.

Thank you very much.



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