December 2, 2023

Goodwill Message from Osagie Oaikhena(KSP) to FIDA Nigeria on Her 2023 Law/AGC/AGM

A past Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association Young Lawyers Forum, Benin Branch, Oaikhena Osagie (KSP) has conveyed his goodwill message to the leadership and members of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) on their Law Week, holden in the ancient and accommodating city of Benin, Edo State.

Mr. Osagie, said that “It is a great honour to send my Goodwill Message to the leadership of FIDA, on their annual law week, Holden in the great and accommodating city of Benin, the theme of the Law Week “Strengthening Legal Safeguard for Vulnerable Population in Nigeria” — is a theme with sparks, and important at this time where the vulnerable amongst us are oppressed in all forms. FIDA as an august body of female Lawyers has always stood for the less privileged, those discriminated against by reason of health, mental defect, gender and race.

The customary language of our Courts do not recognize women at the Bar, an association where everyone is referred to as gentlemen of the Bar; but I make bold to say, that in contemporary times, there are women at the Bar, great women, fearless women, intelligent women who have distinguished themselves in all aspects of the Law, and these women are the FIDANS.

Congratulations once more, as you journey to Benin City for your i and I trust that the entire Conference will have a lot of shine and sheen.

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