Government Directives Towards Containing Covid-19 Pandemic: My Personal Opinion by Sylvester Udemezue

With due respect to those who hold a contrary view, I am of the humble opinion that all notices, orders and directives so far issued by government (federal and states) in Nigeria towards fighting/containing COVID-19 are lawful; no law has yet been violated.

▪Facing a global pandemic, it is not what happens that is important, it is how we respond to it.

▪️Government actions or directives may appear “extreme,” “draconian” or “aggressive!”

▪️No doubt, lockdown is extreme and extremely restrictive; it is not easy to ask people to lock their shops and offices and to stay at home all day and all night for days and weeks.

▪️But we must understand that the balance between individual rights and public safety is an ever-changing equation.

▪️Sometimes, we must be prepared to trade a little of our individual freedom for the greater good and safety of the public.

▪️Accordingly, while praying God to grant us the courage, tenacity and resilience to stay housebound throughout this period, I humbly encourage us to view our cooperation with the lockdown, and all government directives in this respect, as a civic duty.

▪Desperate times ask for desperate measures; the desperate times are here with us, and we must not be misled into putting politics or civil rights activism ahead of public health. There is no decision without trade-offs.

▪️I once again plead with all Nigerians to give their full cooperation to governments and government agencies in their efforts to fight off this ravaging pandemic

▪️Meanwhile, anyone found violating government directives in this respect should be arrested and prosecuted as a saboteur and enemy of a sane and safe society as well as for deliberately endangering the health and safety of Nigerians

▪️However, I appeal to all task forces, security and enforcement agencies to employ a high degree of professionalism, civility and decency in the manner they carry out government directives at this time.

▪️And any security or enforcement personnel found engaging in any form of barbarism or oppressive conduct against ordinary Nigerians should be punished accordingly.

▪️Finally, I salute the courage, competence, dexterity and resilience being exhibited by Nigerian public and private health personnel towards containing this pandemic and keeping Nigeria and Nigerians safe.

▪️Together, we shall conquer.

▪️God bless Nigeria and protect Nigerians
Sylvester Udemezue


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