June 14, 2024

Governor Wike and His Greek Gift

by S. Long Williams, Esq.

In 1794 during the age of Reason, Tom Paine mused and said “from the sublime to the ridiculous there is only but a step”
Recently, specifically on 3rd and 4th November, 2022, Rivers people and the world woke up to hear and witness the Guinness Book of Records appointment and inauguration of over 200,000 Special Assistants on Political Unit Affairs in Rivers State by the Governor Chief Nyesom Ezebunwo Wike CON, GSSRS, POS, Africa. Probably in the next few weeks we may be expecting at least another 200,000 of such appointments in the State bringing the total, including such other spurious appointments, to 500, 000.

According to the Governor, these his appointees will advise him unit by unit on what is going on in and around their areas and also advise him on the areas of needs so that such needs can be promptly addressed.

It must be noted that the appointment and inauguration of the appointees was received and executed with so much pomp and paegentry. Appointees were excited and were thanking their various gods and deities for the appointments and thanking the Governor for being humane, hard-working, magnanimous and developmental oriented.

What the appointees have not sat back to ask themselves is why are these funny appointments coming so late in the day, why did it take the Governor seven and half (7.6) years to make these appointments, how are they going to be remunerated for these “honourable” appointments and what is the remuneration. How long will these appointments last and what is the job security for them. Lastly what purpose will these appointments serve, will it serve their interest, that of their political party, Rivers State or that of their benefactor. Also have Rivers people sat back to ask, who will pay these funny caricature wannabe overnight Honourables, will they be paid with state funds or PDP funds or funds from the private pockets of the Governor?

Where is the Rivers State House of Assembly on this dance of the absurd. It must be noted that the Rivers State House of Assembly under the present dispensation is the worst in the history of Rivers State. They exist only in the statute books. They are dead on arrival on their responsibilities. The onerous responsibilities placed on them by the sacred provisions of the 1999 Constitution as amended has been abandoned, raped and abused in unimaginable proportions. The Assembly men are all dead to their statutory responsibilities, they hardly know their right from their left.

Apart from a few who though can be counted as reasonable and responsible but have decided to follow the maddening crowd, others are a shadow of themselves. They do not know or understand the purpose or purport of their membership in the house. They are like those described by the prophet in the Holy book in Hosea 4v6 ” my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because thou hast rejected knowledge, l will also reject thee…” They do not even know or comprehend the meaning of the doctrine of separation of powers and checks and balances. Some of them have never read such doctrines much more applying them so they are all decayed, rotten and forgotten. Rivers people do not even know or realize whether they exist. The deplorable state of the assembly complex is in line with the state of mind of the assembly members. The place is filled with rodents and lacks all basic necessities. Lighting, plumbing and other basic amenities for such a structure are not existent. The building is a shadow of itself.

Workers morale is at its lowest ebb as salaries and other allowances are hardly paid. The staff went on a long drawn strike with its management over arrears of wages and allowances. The place is a ghost assembly but only meets at the whims and caprices of the Governor for the approval of one mischief or the other just as the recently disgusting and laughable de- recognition of Chief Celestine Omehia as Governor of Rivers State. They failed to ask themselves whether Chief Celestine Omehia was ever a Governor of Rivers State in the first place by virtue of the Supreme Court judgment of 2007.

Rivers State is a state where workers salaries and welfare are luxuries to the Government. Payment of allowances, pensions and gratuities are seen as nuisance to the government
The Rivers State Government under the watch of Governor Wike is on mission to extinct pensioners in the state.
Rivers indigenes who have put in the productive years of their lives into public service are treated with so much disdain and contempt.

It took the threat of the Civil Service Union led by Comrade Beatrice Otubo to scuttle the phantom presidential ambition of the Governor for the Governor to take a peep at the plight of pensioners in the state. If not, they would have wallowed in their misery and died in ignominy and penury.

Employment is an anathema to this Rivers State Government under Governor Wike. Since 2015 when this government came to power, Rivers people have been groaning under unemployment. The few employments that were made were done surreptitiously with the Governor’s nieces and cousins capturing 90% of it and other Rivers people were left watching and groaning under his pitiable leadership. In 2020 following the Anti SARS uprising, 5000 jobs was promised but it was tales by moonlight. Nothing has come out of it. Efforts put in by Rivers Youths to secure the bogus employment went to naught as no employment of any one took place. Rivers people were hoodwinked.

It has been one tale of woe to another in Rivers State under the watch of Governor Wike. Except for a few bigots, Rivers People are hungry, miserable, poor and unempowered. People should not be deceived by the overhead bridges constructed by the Governor, such is not one of the indices for development. Developmental indices are measured by the volume of Direct Foreign Investment DFI, Gross National Product GNP, Gross Domestic Product GDP, GDP per capita, birth and death rate, Life expectancy, Human Development Index or Human Capacity Development , infant mortality rate, life expectancy and death rate. Juxtapose these indices with the life of the people of Rivers State and make your own conclusions. People are so ignorant and easily deceived and carried away by wrong indices and perspectives and equate development with wrong indices.

It is the unprecedented level of poverty, want and misery in the state that has made Rivers people of the PDP to get excited over a dubious, selfish and phantom appointment of over 200,000 Special Assistants in one full swoop. An act that has never happened in the history of mankind because it is absurd, deceitful, selfish, devilish, bogus, wasteful and aimed at hoodwinking the gullible people of Rivers State and the world.

The action of the Governor was aptly captured by Dr. Chukwuma A.J. Chinwo when he said “to be able, at the snap of the finger, to gather 200,000 idle and impoverished young men and women in one state is the best evidence of a government that has deliberately impoverished its people for 8 years by making unemployment a scorched earth policy. To offer to employ that number a little more than 3 months to the end of 8 years administration makes Machievelli and Josef Stalin child’s play in political cynicism. To say that the 200,000 special assistants and coordinators are to listen to the people and give feed back of what it ought to do for the state and people in 6 months is express admission that the government for 7.5 years have been engaged in whimsocracy and not democracy. All this in one “Special” State which happens to be where the Governor wanted to be President and “saved” all the money to pursue his ambition which failed. Did anyone thinks that God sleeps? Welcome to Rivers State, the Treasure Base.”

The so called appointments is like the Trojan Horse, it is a Greek Gift. For ten years the city of Troy had been under siege from the armies of ancient Greece after the Trojan Prince Paris eloped with the wife of Menelaus, King of Sparta.
Thousands had died in the decade long war but the stone walls of Troy remained impenetrable. With the two sides at a stalemate, the Greek warrior, king Odysseus hatched a cunning plan.
A giant wooden horse was built and left at the gates of Troy and the Greek ships sailed out of sight.

The Trojans, believing the war was over saw the horse as an offering to the gods and as a gift of peace so wheeled it into the city and celebrated their victory.
Once the Trojans had all gone to sleep many of them blind drunk, a host of armed soldiers crept out from the belly of the horse and opened the city gates. Troy was overrun and destroyed.

Rivers people are behaving like the Trojans. For seven years and six months employment and empowerment in the state has been a mirage, youth unemployment has spiralled out of control and suddenly the Governor is making an appointment of hundreds of thousands of Special Assistants and Rivers people are not seeing the Trojan Horse reloaded in these appointments. It is a show of shame activated by years of unemployment, poverty, misery and penury. The question is for what purpose and for what benefit.

The only answer to this is that the Governor intends to use these appointments for his personal political purpose and not for the good of the appointees or Rivers State. This is now evident in the series of wanton political violence and attempted assassinations against members of other political parties in the state save the PDP.

This is a Greek Gift, it is not for your interest or good in any way. It’s all geared to achieve a single selfish purpose of the Governor.

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