Hate Speech: Isokan Olorisa Agbaye demands Apology from Pastor Sam Adeyemi, threatens Libel Suit

Sango high priests are known to be fierce, just like the deity

The Isokan Olorisa Agbaye has officially demanded a public apology from Pastor Sam Adeyemi of the Day Star Christian Centre over a video sermon perceived as containing hate speech against traditional African religion.

Adeyemi, founding clergy of the Lagos based church reportedly referred to Yoruba gods, Sango and Sopona, as “foolish” and “powerless”.

Sango is the god of thunder and lightning while Sopona is the deity of smallpox.

The demand letter/Pre-action Notice dated 29th April, 2019 made available to The Loyal Nigerian Lawyer reads:

Senior Pastor Sam Adeyemi,
Day Star Christian Centre,

Dear Sir,


The above subject matter refers.

With sublime respect, we are Solicitors and our services retained by Isokan Olorisa Agbaye which includes and not limited thereto; coalition of all the various African and Yoruba traditional Olorisa associations in Nigeria and in Diaspora viz: Obatala Agbaye, Ifa Religion, Aje Agbaye, Egbe Agbaye, Sango Agbaye, Ogun Agbaye, Esu Agbaye, Olokun Agbaye, Olosun Agbaye, Alaragbo Agbaye, Sopona Agbaye, Egungun to mention a few hereinafter referred to as ‘Our Client/Affected Victims’ on whose behalf and strict instruction we hereby notify you on the above captioned.

We are highly displeased to notify you and your board of trustees of the Day Star Bible Church, we vehemently condemn and demand an immediate public apology over the careless and intentional spurious hate speech made during one of your church services thus: ‘You are afraid of Sango,, if Sango was that powerful, why did he not supply electricity to our cities, Nonsense!!!, It is amazing how we have national foolishness”, furthermore you said in the same video that ‘You were discussing with one of your member who expressed that Sango-Sopana are not powerful,…..Foolish Idols you better throw them away, Witchcraft Nonsense’ currently trending on social media globally specifically targeted at ridiculing the Isokan Olorisa Agbaye and all other traditional religion worshipers vis-à-vis Sango-Sopana worshipers in Nigeria and In Diaspora.

Furthermore, your seditious and libelous statements are in gross violation of Chapter 4, Section 38(1) of Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (As Amended) : Freedom of Thoughts, Conscience, Beliefs and Religion of all the Olorisa Agbaye religion worshipers; who are extremely keen, serious about their manifested practice modus operandi without any iota of interference and limitations in worship, teaching practice and observance, these remain point of importance to all aspects of our client’s lives, beliefs and behaviour, which is sacredly protected and worthily transmitted from ancient times till date, and passionately held in high respect by them, as expected in a democratic society.

Similarly, your actions are repugnant to public safety, public order, health, morals, and the rights and freedom of other people(Our Clients). Consequently capable of causing huge break down of law and order, ethnic cleansing, religious terrorism, nose-diving into full blown breach of peace and causing civil unrest between members of the Christian faith and other aligned evil thinkers, most of whom must have been indoctrinated by your unrepentant sacrilegious hate speech spoken in the video against All Sango-Sapona Worshippers and other Olorisa Agbaye members.

Perhaps, this could inevitably resort to aggressive mass attacks and killings of innocent Nigerians, considering the current volatile situation in the country, tantamount to criminal conspiracy, precipitating our demand for your immediate reversal and public apology publications in Five(5) National Daily Newspapers, A live broadcast in the same manner of trending video to be posted and broadcasted across 10 national television stations in Nigeria and social media platforms, YouTube Channels, Instagram, Twitter and blogs, with an immediate compensation for the psychological, mental and emotional fears caused our clients in damages sum of N500,000,000.00(Five Hundred Million Naira) for both specific and general damages and any other ancillary expected duties incidental to the aforementioned in this regard. To be effected on or before 7th May, 2019, and by the end of this 7 Days Notice, we shall immediately apply to the court for Fundamental Right Action against your person and the Board of trustees of Day Star Christian Center, Criminal petition/sanction to the DSS, Nigeria Police and Office of the National Security Adviser to the President, followed with simultaneous mass protest action in the media and, a well strategically planned and well deserving national day of mass action against your Church and your person at your premises, for being use as a rendezvous and habitat place of hate speech message promotion and spreading and criminal activities expressed in the live trending video, while the sum of N50,000,000.00(Fifty Million Naira) shall be damages for cost of filing.

We shall see your prompt consideration of the aforementioned as a means of compassionate peaceful review of our lined up sanctions and legal fire power which is uneasy to surmount. Should you fail to comply and dare the consequences, subject to your accelerated compliance on or before 7th May, 2019.

Take Notice: Upon failure to comply with the aforementioned after the due date, we shall be left with no other option than to explore and effectively implement all available legal sanctions against you: Civil and Criminal Litigation.

TAKE Further Notice: That our actions are not limited to the aforementioned, we shall move the President of Nigeria, His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buharii, GCFR to sanction and close down your worship centers across Nigeria as well as de-list your CHURCH name(Day Star Christian Centre) from the Corporate Affairs Commissions register, and globally we shall request that your Church be placed under terrorist organizations watch lists, in line with international laws and treaties for the protection of human rights.

We look forward to your onward compliance accordingly.

You are hereby notified.

For: Juryman Associate Chambers.

Aremo Oladotun Hassan, Esq.
Principal Partner/Chairman, NBA Lekki Forum.

CC: The President, Federal Republic of Nigeria.
The Executive Governor of Lagos State.
The Inspector General of Police, Federal Republic of Nigeria.
The Director General of DSS
The Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Police Command.
The Director, State Security Services, Lagos State Command
The Obalesun Obatala Agbaye, HDG, Oba Issoro O.O.O Dada.
President, Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN).
President, Pentecostal Christian Fellowship of Nigeria.

13 thoughts on “Hate Speech: Isokan Olorisa Agbaye demands Apology from Pastor Sam Adeyemi, threatens Libel Suit

  1. Shey they are in doubt of the Power of Almighty God, Abi? Now they will with their mouths testify that Jesus alone is Lord.

  2. I strongly advised that this idol worshippers should immediately returned and genuinely repent and turned wholeheartedly to God, paradventure God will forgive them because,this is not fight against past.Sam adeyemi , but fight against God. The fight against the truth is a fight against God. Ref: 1cor.10:19-22, Exod.32:6-10. Now, the truth is the word of God and the word of God is the truth. See john1:1 and john8:32, 36; 14:6. So if this idol worshipers want to incurred the wrath of God upon themselves, they can go ahead like Pharaoh or Nebuchadnezzar of OT kings.See Exodus20:3-5, this God strict commandments to all men. My conclusion to this idol worshipers is “fear God’ Eccl.12:13, 14.

  3. This is quite ridiculous to me. I just wonder which of these people is actually the real Sango.
    Why not let Songo defend itself for God’s sake. If he has the power, let him simply do as he has been challenged,; light Nigeria as he is supposed to be the god of light now.
    If anything, we shall know how loving or wicked it is.

  4. They are just blabbing and bragging! Can God be threaten?! They better stay calm and be ready to accept the truth !

  5. Hate speech against gods or man?
    Does hate speech law covers the gods?
    I can see masquerade crossing expressway here.

  6. Even d devil your boss no fit.What is your rank in d spiritual realm.I don’t need your physical rank in Nigeria. Tell me your status in the spirit. This is a spiritual matter it will be sorted out spiritually, since when has Nigerian court now become spiritual court. Physical court lack jurisdiction to try spiritual case. Do the right thing Olorisa or what do you call your name.I know you know the right thing to do you only want to play on the intelligence of Nigerian judiciary. I know they’re intelligent people too,they won’t dance to your ridiculous music. They have much on their hands already,election matters are there plenty unresolved.
    Lawyer Hassan,I advice you to get busy with your job than attending to frivolities. I feel your intelligent carreer shouldnt be dragged in d mud. So I advice you withdraw from that case Olorisa knows we have spiritual court that attend to spiritual matters as this. Pst Sam Adeyemi is not answerable to you in any way,Olorisa,I’ve heard about this case,Pst Sam never knew you from Adam,never knew your name that he would mention it or direct hate speech at you. Sango/Oya/Ogun is in the spiritual realm,we also lives in the spiritual realm.Why would you take Sango’s case to Lagos court,who will sit as the Judge. Its better all of you dont risk your lives.Let Sango defend himself now if he get power.Sam didn’t hate you,in fact he loves you& your group as Jesus also loves you. so I challenge you to meet me in the spiritual realm tonight @1am,if I didn’t see you today, tomorrow & next tomorrow,(3days),I’ll come out tell the whole world that you’re a coward who only want exploit public peace to seek unnecessary recognition. If it is money you need,tell your people to raise charity/public donation for you instead of trying to use court of law to raise fund.

    You want to know who I am?

    OmoOlorun Ibukunbabatope is my name,I live in the heavenly places far above principalities & power you can ever think of. I only walk & work in your midst in Nigeria. Somebody has sent thunder to me before, but he never live to tell d story,just the same way you’re found guilty tonight you’ll not come back alive.I’ve died many times over & rose again. I and Satan your boss see virtually everyday in the spiritual realm. And he bows to me,he’s under my feet.I’m his senior in the spiritual realm.Ask of me from d devil/any witch around they’ll tell you who I am. But I doubt if u can even get close to Satan to ask him question.That was why I ask about your rank the other time.

    If anybody is reading this post pass it on to Olorisa so he can do the needful,to act fast. Pastor Sam didn’t speak for himself, we sent him what he said. So leave him out of this only me is enogh for all of you.

    Just meet me tonight, enough of this public embarrassment!

    Heavenly Kingdom

  7. I think your jesus is all that powerful and that is why he has refused to stop Boko Haram killing you like goats since all these days?

  8. Christians in Nigeria, you complain when there is any act of blasphemy against your jesus christ, your lord. But now that your pastor blasphemed against Sango, my Lord, your sense of reasoning disappeared

  9. Is there no freedom of speech again in Nigeria? Some people sha dey jobless, just looking for things to make them feel relevant.

  10. Am sure you are not blind, boko haram killing you like goat and your Lord Jesus keep mute, and can’t help you guys.
    Your pastors using your money to buy Jet and you as a followers can’t afford maruwa. You keep saying Jesus is the Lord. May thunder fire you all. You are just fooling yourself, must of you only read Bible but you don’t understand what is inside it.

  11. Jesus is a spiritual being represented by Sam Adeyemi, so also is Sango and Sanpona mentioned by Sam knowing fully that they also have followers who still call on them and get their prayers answered through them just like Sam will pray to Jesus and believe he answers.
    If you abuse my father and I am not against it it means am a bastard.
    Sam should have prepared for physical and spiritual, I trust him. Let Sam Adeyemi follower of Jesus defend himself and Sango/Sanpona followers come out and tell the whole world that their father is truly foolish as Sam proved they are.
    Same rain fell on sugar cane and bitter leaf, only God know how he does his things.

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