Hurray! Ivory Solicitors Maryland, Nigeria is now the First Full Service Nigerian Legal Firm to be Listed on Google Playstore

The impact of the Jusun Strike and the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that in order to survive and gain global relevance as legal service providers, law firms and lawyers in Nigeria must embrace the digital way of offering legal services online.

Facts Lawyers and Law firms should be aware about.

  • Did you know that the Google Play Store alone is on over 4 billion devices and has approximately 3 billion Local & International daily active users, while the Apple App Store has over 2.5 billion international users who will certainly require Legal Services at some point?
  • Did you also know that no Nigerian law firm has a branded app on the Playstore or Appstore as of April 22nd, 2021? Only a few UK-based law firms have installable apps that can be downloaded from the Playstore or Appstore, and they are doing business with over 3 billion Playstore users.
  • Having a Website or Facebook Page is not enough. People don’t remember websites They go to the App stores to search for the Services they need.

How many Law firm website names do you remember? Eg (www.)
Tell me, I will wait ……

  • What your Law Firm needs to gain visibility and global relevance.
    Is an installable Offline Mobile App on the Google Playstore or Apple Appstore.

Ivy intellegence is a Legal Tech-Software Company and we have created Nigeria’s First offline Mobile Law firm on the Google Playstore for Ivory Solicitors Maryland a Full Service Law firm based in Lagos.

Open the Playstore and Search for Ivory Solicitors Law firm or click the link below to download the (6mb) Stunning Offline Mobile App and request for instant Legal Services from the Law firm.

Our branded offline app is currently the first & only Nigerian law firm on the Playstore and we can develop one customized to your taste and for your law firm so that you can stay connected with local and foreign clients looking for legal services or looking to start business in Nigeria.

Why your Law firm needs an Offline Mobile Application.

✔️ Branding: Helps with your Law firms Branding

✔️ Clients: Gets you Local and International Clients even without Advert.

✔️Clients who search for legal Advice or Legal Services on Google will see your Law Firms Apps first before websites and blogs.

✔️ Visibility & Reoccurring Business: Since your Law Firm now lives in the Mobile Phones of Clients. Your client’s will always come back to your User Friendly App anytime they need Legal Services.

✔️One time: With a Mobile app your Law Firm has permanent Real Estate on the Internet for Life. No need to pay yearly fees for hosting or domains.

For inquires call Ivy Intellegence on 07083922289 or 08033308732.


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