Ivy Intellegence Launches First Artificial Intelligence Legal Research Software and Social Networking Website for Practising Lawyers, Magistrates, and Judges in Nigeria

Ivy Intellegence a leading artificial intelligence software Company-located in Lagos,Nigeria with its Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Osili Chuba Prince, a software engineer and a graduate of Law from Houdegbe North American University, Benin launches the first artificial intelligence legal research software and social networking website in Nigeria for the legal community and also for members of the Nigerian Bar Association.

Eva Supermax is Africa’s first social network for lawyers.

Features of evamax.com.ng

Collaboration between Lawyers:

evamax.com.ng is a game changer and unlocks new possibility on how research is done in the world, Africa and Nigeria, bringing collaboration into Legal Research.

Prior to evamax.com.ng what we had in Nigeria was a situation where millions of Lawyers are using the same Legal Research tools to find Authorities.

But they are doing so without the ability to interact with each other, share ideas, brainstorm together, provide legal research assistance, and discuss trending Legal issues or Principles of law on one (1) Legal Research tool.

In evamax.com.ng while you are sending a message to a colleague, or writing a public post, and you need authorities to back up a principle you are writing about. You don’t need to close the app or even open another page.

In evamax.com.ng you can search for cases and send what you find as a message to your Principal or colleague in real-time inside the same app.

Virtual Law Office: Due to the spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic by thousands in Nigeria. The need to limit physical interaction without decreasing productivity cannot be over emphasized.

The Virtual Law office gives Law firms the ability to have conversations with their staff in a private network using the features such as Video Calls, Audio Calls, Private or group Messaging which are available on evamax.com.ng.

Some other features of the 1st Social Network in Africa and Nigeria for Lawyers include the following. Lawyers can add other lawyers as friends, follow, and unfollow just like in Facebook or Twitter.

Real Time: # Hastag posts : know Legal Issues are Trending using Hashtash.Use Hashtag’s in comments,conversations and messages.

Privacy: Users can change Privacy anytime, download or delete their data from our website,Control who can view their information.

Notification: Get notified when other Lawyers like, comment, share your Legal posts.


Create groups,pages, forums and invite friends to join

Upload pictures: Upload and Share pictures, like and comment.

Legal Articles: Write and Share Legal Articles.

Senior Lawyers in a virtual law office can assign Legal research Tasks to their Juniors, and they search for the cases inside the same web app. Just as if you are using the library in your physical office.

On the new Case Retrieval Search System fully integrated into evamax.com.ng introduces the first ever Natural Language Processing Algorithm with a strong synonym recognition system.

According to the Chief Technology officer, Prior to evamax.com.ng, where words such as ‘Electronic Evidence’ or a meaning of a term is searched for in other legal research tools you get only cases where the courts have used the word ‘electronic evidence’ or ‘meaning’ specifically, this kind of system is not smart enough to know that electronic evidence also refers to computer generated evidence or electronically generated evidence and the word meaning can also connote ‘means, define, definition’ ” Hence the creation of evamax.com.ng

Please Contact: Osili Chuba Prince- 07083922289 or Nneka Osili- 08033308732

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