June 9, 2023

J-K Gadzama SAN Releases Article on ‘Overcoming the Delay at the Supreme Court to Celebrate Birthday’

Legal luminary, Joe-Kyari Gadzama SAN has marked his 61st birthday with the release of an article on the delay at the Supreme Court.

The article considers the major factors causing the delay in the administration of justice at the Supreme Court before recommending solutions.

The famous “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied” quote from Brish statesman, William E Gladstone has formed the basis of numerous legal reform campaigns. The basic principle behind the quote is that it is not sufficient for justice to be served, it must be served promptly. The length of time taken for the determination of a matter affects the quality of justice received by an aggrieved person as delay may cause its benefits to diminish. A well-functioning justice system provides a conducive atmosphere for the development and stability of every great nation. The duty of the judiciary to administer justice is the cornerstone of every democracy.

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