JUST IN| Group of Seasoned Legal Practitioners Give Roaring Endorsement to Kunle Edun as NBA Welfare Secretary

A group of seasoned legal practitioners (otherwise referred to as “Friends & Paddies”) from across the *Trinity Bar (Warri, Effurun and Udu branches of the NBA) have given a roaring endorsement to the candidacy of Olukunle Edun for the office of Welfare Secretary of the NBA.
In a statement released today, the legal minds stated thus:

“We have watched with keen interest the welfarist strides taken by Kunle Edun for some years now. Over the years, he has consistently shown that the welfare of society and members of the Bar is his paramount concern. We note that even before he became as a past vice chairman of NBA Warri branch, he was already renowned for his activism activities as a human right advocate. He has boldly taken action even when it is against the government of the day on several occasions in a bid to fight for the betterment of lawyers. His mantra over the years has always been ‘an injury to one lawyer is an injury to all’. He is cast more in the mold of the late Gani Fawehinmi.
There is no gainsaying the fact that Mr. Kunle Edun is eminently qualified for the office of Welfare Secretary of the NBA.
We therefore have no hesitation whatsoever in endorsing him. “

The statement was signed for and on behalf of ‘Friends & Paddies’ by Prince Sir Francis Yekovie, Esq. (Chairman)
James Oke, Esq. (secretary)
Some other signatories are:

  1. A. I. Onodjefemue, Esq. (Vice Chairman of Udu Branch)
  2. Felix Owumi, Esq. (past Social Secretary, NBA Effurun)
  3. P. O. Akpoveta, Esq. (Social Secretary, NBA Effurun)
  4. Akeh Oyiborhoro, Esq. (member, NBA Effurun)
  5. John Aruoture, Esq. (immediate past Secretary, NBA Warri)
  6. Efeakpor Michael (Asst. Secretary, NBA Warri)
  7. Sir Ovie Abenabe, Esq. (past Social Secretary, NBA Warri)
  8. S. G. Ediagbonuvie, Esq. (past Asst. Secretary, NBA Warri)
  9. P. O. Agbaga, Esq. (past Social Secretary, NBA Warri)
  10. Alex Gbiwen, Esq. (past Chairman YLF Warri; past Asst. Secretary, NBA Warri & Senior Legislative Aide to Chief Thomas Ereyitomi, the acting Honorable Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Niger Delta)
  11. Felix Akpovwovwo, Esq. (member, NBA Warri)
  12. Lucky Egboyi, Esq. (member NBA Warri)
  13. Ezebube A. Nriapia, Esq. (member, NBA Warri)
  14. Otto Ejaigu, Esq. (member NBA Warri)
  15. Onome Sajere, Esq.
  16. S. Adamu, Esq.
  17. O. Ohwarhua, Esq.
  18. D. Ezumezu, Esq. (member, NBA Warri)
  19. James E. Irogbo, Esq. (member NBA Warri)
  20. Eda Gbejule, Esq. (member NBA Warri)
  21. Canaan Itevwogbiku, Esq. (member NBA Warri)
  22. Mudi Okorefe, Esq. (member NBA Warri)
  23. P. O. Awana, Esq. (member NBA Warri)
  24. Anthony Ajeni, Esq. (member NBA Warri)

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