Justice Reform Project Congratulates NBA President-elect, Olumide Akpata

Olumide Akpata

The Justice Reform Project (JRP) has congratulated the NBA President-Elect, Olumide Akpata, on his emergence at NBA President. In a letter addressed to the President-Elect last week, the group noted that Akpata’s manifesto included ensuring an efficient administration of justice, and urged him to fulfil same, as his election presented him with a unique opportunity to initiate policies that progressively reform the Bar.

The letter read in part “We are pleased to note from a careful study of your manifesto and your statement following your election that your mission includes ensuring an efficient administration of justice system through the improvement in the conduct of court business, improvements in the appointment, remuneration and training of judges and law reform etc., all of which are central to the mission of JRP.

In light of the contents of your manifesto, we believe that your election provides a unique opportunity to initiate policies which will progressively reform both the NBA and the profession. JRP takes this
opportunity to offer its resources and support in furtherance of your constitutional mandate.”

The group further affirmed its willingness to join Mr. Akpata in the objective of reforming the justice sector.

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