JUSUN Suspends Strike, Urges Stakeholders to Ensure Lasting Compliance by Governors with Provisions on Judiciary Financial Autonomy

The Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria, JUSUN, has on Wednesday passed a resolution to call of the its 2 months old strike.

According to a copy of the communique obtained from JUSUN’s National Treasurer, Jimoh Musa Alonge by The Loyal Nigerian Lawyer, the resolution was reached as a result of extensive deliberations at today’s National Executive Committee meeting of the Union, together with the formal intervention of the National Judicial Council.

The communique is reproduced hereinunder:

1. NEC in-session commends the Chief Justice of the Federation and all heads of Courts or their patience and understanding throughout the NEC-in-session commends the Chief Justice of the Federation and all heads of Courts or their patience and understanding throughout the period of the industrial action.

2. NEC-in-session commends the effort of the NJC in making sure that the Governors obey the MOA, Judgment and agreement on the Financial Autonomy of the Judiciary

3. NEC-in-session commends the NWC/NEC and all JUSUN members for all their sacrifice, understanding and patience

4. NEC-in-session condemns the actions of the Governors. of Kaduna, Plateau and Benue States for withholding salaries of Judiciary in their various States for months and urge all Governors involved to da the needful

5. NEC-in-session agreed that there shall be introduction of Peculiar allowance throughout the State and Federal Courts.

6. NEC-in-session discussed extensively and after putting so many issues into consideration with the intervention of NJC and other Stakeholders, the NEC has resolved that the strike is hereby suspended.

7. NEC-in-session pleads with the NJC, the Presidential Implementation Committee, Attorney General of the Federation, Accountant General of the Federation and all stakeholders to see that the issue of Judiciary Financial Autonomy is laid to rest finally as provided for in Section 813), 121(3), and 162(9), of 1999 Constitution as amended.

8. NEC-in-session frowns at the deduction of salary JUSUN members of Bayelsa State and request that the deducted sum be restored forthwith.

9. NEC in session reiterates that no member of JUSUN should be victimised on account of the strike action.

Issued this 9th day of June 2021 at Abuja.

Emmanuel Abioye, Deputy President

I.M. Adetola, General Secretary


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