December 2, 2023

Lagos State Judiciary: Steps to Creating an E-filing Account

The E-filing is a feature in Lagos State High Court Judiciary Information System (JIS). Through the E-filing, lawyers and litigants can file a case from anywhere in the world using the internet. Users are required to have login credentials in order to file a case online.

The system will calculate fee associated with a case automatically. The total Court fees include Court Fee prescribed in the Court Rules. The total Court Fee is payable online through Debit/Credit Card only. Other means of payment includes; Bank Payment (require payment to designated banks) and Manual/Cash Payment (require walk-in to the Judiciary).

Below is the two-step process of creating an e-filing account with the Lagos State Judiciary:

STEP 1: Visit

1i: Click Create e-Filing Account and click OK in the pop up message outlining steps to be taken and click Register

lii: Complete the registration form by entering all information including Payer ID

Note: You are to select User Type accordingly (Select Organization if you are creating for a law firm and select individual if otherwise)

STEP 2: If you don’t have payer ID complete the form by entering all information including BVN

2i: In the text “If you don’t have Payer ID, Click Here to Generate” Click on “Click Here” and Payer ID will be generated

2ii: Look through the form from top down to ensure you re-enter any missing information

2iii: Refresh the security code by clicking on anticlockwise arrow next to the security code field to get a new code, enter the code then click Register.

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