Lamar Joe-Kyari Gadzama Celebrates Birthday with the Launch of his website, Talks About his Perspectives on Life

Lamar Joe-Kyari Gadzama

Lamar Joe-Kyari Gadzama marks his birthday which he shares with Asiwaju A.S. Awomolo SAN and Olusegun Jolaawo SAN with the launch of his official website. In a recent post on his website titled “musings from my sojourn”, he talks about his perspectives on life wherein he stated that as he gets older, his perspectives change and several facets of his life evolves.

In his article he mentions 5 (five) things that he has come to discover are significant in life. This is the link to the article:

He also shares a case review of the Supreme Court’s decision in Fanyam v Gov. Benue State. This is the link to the article:


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