Law Officers Back Akpata for NBA Presidency, Says the Stakes are too High for Sentiments

Olumide Akpata

Law Officers of the Ministry of Justice, Akwa Ibom State have backed Olumide Akpata’s NBA Presidential bid. In a statement signed by them, they lauded his achievements and extolled his virtues, urging all lawyers to vote him, as he is the smart choice for President of the NBA, particularly noting his antecedents. The statement is reproduced in full below:

“Olumide Akpata is about making the Bar work for all lawyers in the various niches of legal practice in Nigeria.

He has said many times that as President of the NBA he will empower the Law Officers Association of Nigeria (LOAN) to adequately and effectively represent the interest of its members and will push for relevant constitutional reforms. He puts behind those words tremendous force of character and relevant antecedents.

Olumide Akpata fought to ensure that the voice of Lawyers in Commercial Law Practice is heard loud and clear. He did so by mainstreaming the Section on Business Law and securing for it the enviable brand it enjoys today.

The pedigree of passionate service, track record of relevant accomplishments and the capacity to execute a vision to detail puts Olumide Akpata miles ahead of competition.

We must never forget that action speaks louder than words and that talk is easy. Olumide Akpata, by his words and actions, remains to date the best potential ally of Law Officers Association of Nigeria in the struggle to register with the Corporate Affairs Commission and unionize in the best interest of members

This is why all law officers in Nigeria should individually and collectively adopt Olumide Akpata as the smart choice for President of the Nigerian Bar Association(2020-2022).

The stakes are too high for sentiments.This is our chance to choose the better path of our destiny and resolve the challenges facing LOAN once and for all.

Lets vote for capacity to deliver.Lets vote for relevant experience and track record.Lets vote Olumide Akpata come 29th and 30th of July,2020. We will look back with pride at the choice we made.

Courtesy Friends of Olumide Akpata, Ministry of Justice,Akwa Ibom State”


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