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The Concept of Law by Zainab Habib Shinkafi

Understanding the term law is of vital importance to any law student, especially, the newly admitted undergraduate ones. Before delving into the definition of law, it is of paramount importance to note that, there is no universal acceptable definition of law. Many scholars and school of thought had proffered different definitions of law, yet, none […]

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Important Words for Legal Drafting

Expedient – To Prioritize , to rushCavil – Argument by which a conclusion evidently false , is drawn from a principle evidently true. Elusive – Difficult to find , catch or achieve.Scuffle – a short , confused fight or struggle at close quarters.Credential – a qualification, achievement , quality, or aspect of a person ‘s […]

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Enfranchising Our Prisoners by Olokooba AbdulWasiu

I am a student of Law. I’ve had the privilege to visit prison facilities across Nigeria — from North to Southwest. My experience in those facilities, I must say, is that of sympathy and rage. The latter, towards a Government that has walled off humans into such dehumanizing cubicles. I suppose prisons were meant to […]

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Of Defilement and the Mischief of Law

By: Olokooba AbdulWasiu Truth. When law and morality contradict each other, the citizenry has the the cruel alternative of either losing moral sense or respect for the law. In a bid to corroborate this proposition, the social contract theory regards the ultimate essence of law to be an instrument for turning a state of nature, […]

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Understanding Circumstantial Evidence By Mohammed Ibrahim Abdul

According to Black’s Law dictionary 9th edition at page 636, “circumstantial evidence is defined as evidence based on inference, not on personal knowledge or observation. It is also known as indirect evidence or oblique evidence. It is evidence that is not rendered by eye witness testimony, in other words, circumstantial evidence strongly suggests a fact […]

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Franchise: Right to vote and be voted for By Ibrahim Idriss Umar

Right to vote and be voted for, must be a bedrock in any democratic state likewise in Nigeria. Franchise under democratic system of government gets the same priority accorded as right to life. It must be protected, though the constitution didn’t directly provide any proviso with regard to right to vote and to be voted […]

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The Legal Framework for Music and Movies Production in Nigeria

By Ilepe Oluwatimileyin V. Abstract  Have you ever pondered whether there is a legal structure regulating and streamlining the production of music and movies in Nigeria? According to a Latin marxim, “Lex erit omnium agris” which means “The law applies to all fields*”. It is my interest to note that there are bodies legally created […]

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