Law Subjects should be Introduced into Educational Curriculum to Stem Criminalities in Nigeria

We are overwhelmed in Nigeria with series of criminalities. Notably, cheating, corruption, stealing, robbery, rape, fratricide, matricide, suicide, murder and the rest. Nigerians have associated other reasons to the growth of these offences in the society. But in actual fact, it is due to non- introduction of law subjects right from the primary to secondary schools that is indeed the silent causative agents of these anti-social conducts not only in Nigeria but across the universe.

A look at Nigeria primary school curriculum, one finds science related subjects to the detriment of law related subjects. In primary school we find subjects such as:

i-English language.
III-Civic education.
v-Home economics.
vi-Verbal reason.
vii-Quantitative reason.

While in the post primary institutions, we find subjects such as:
i-English language.
ii- Mathematics.
iv- Chemistry.
v- Biology.
vi- Geography.
viii- Commerce.
ix- Physics.

All these subjects are science and social science based even though some people may argue that, they are formative subjects but in the actual fact,they are not subjects aimed to prepare the minds of these youngsters to face the enormous challenges of social life. More particularly in the human day to day encounters with each other.

There is no subject at these formative stage that prepares the minds of the growing youths towards moral approach and stability of life.This is a very wide gap that silently promotes the emergence of anti-social conducts in the society.

It is time to change this senerio by introducing into Nigerian educational curriculum the possiblity of teaching legal subjects right from the primary schools by Lawyers. Legal subjects like:
i-Basic definition of crime, its causes, consequences and prevention should be taught.
ii-Basic knowledge of the constitution should be taught too.
iii-Nigeria legal system too.
iv-Offences and punishments should be taught too.

Once these legal subjects are introduced and taught in primary and post- primary schools in Nigeria it would definitely change the behaviuor and conduct of youths right from their formative stage and reduce the chances of developing negative mindset.

I believe if these legal subjects are introduced and taught by legal practitioners are allowed, it is going to change the mindset of Nigerians towards any form of criminalities.

May we be guided.
Lakpene Yusuf Bida, Esq.

Lakpene Yusuf Bida, Esq. was called to the Nigerian Bar in July 1983. Before then, he attended Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria for Dip.In-Law between 1975/1977, LLB between 1979/1982, and the Nigerian Law School, Victoria Island, Lagos between 1982/83. NYSC Kwara 1983/84. Mr. Lakpene worked as Court Registrar 1977-1979 and was appointed as Magistrate by Niger state Judiciary and served between 1984-1991. He later transferred service to the Legal Division NNPC and served at different capacities such as Legal Adviser/Company Sec. KRPC, Legal Adviser/Company SEC.NETCO, Lagos, Legal Adviser/Company Sec.IDSL, Benin. Since retirement, he has authored about eleven books on different legal topics. Four yet to be published. A Notary Public and daily article writer on the WhatsApp and Facebook. He’s also a part time law lecturer in Minna and has traveled overseas for various official assignments. He is married with children.


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