May 21, 2024

Lawal Akorede Habeeb (Publicity Secretary Candidate) Attends Sagbama Branch Law Week and Yenagoa Branch Meeting; Speaks on the Need to Improve the Image of the Legal Profession

Lawal Akorede Habeeb

LAWAL AKOREDE HABEEB – Publicity Secretary Candidate in the forthcoming NBA Elections stated that:

“We all have to agree that the image of the Bar and the Bench is at an all time low. The feelers we got from the Supreme Court before the resignation of the former CJN indicate that we have much to be worried about. The Bar has always been the voice of the Bench but much much more is expected of us in this critical period in our nation. The Bar has to rise to this responsibility.”

Mr. Lawal delivering an address during the programme

The NBA Publicity Secretary hopeful made this remark on Wednesday, June 29, 2022 in Bayelsa State while attending the Law Week of the NBA Sagbama Branch and the Branch meeting of the NBA Yenagoa Branch.

LAWAL added: “When as lawyers we do all we can to protect the rule of law, we aren’t only doing it because we are conscientious and more patriotic than other citizens, we do so because it is a matter of our welfare and livelihood. You simply cannot earn a living as a Legal Practitioner in a state where there is disregard for the Rule of Law.”

At both events, the Candidate for the office of National Publicity Secretary, LAWAL AKOREDE HABEEB was well received and his points well noted as germane and apt for a time as this.

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