Lawyer and Film Maker, Femi Adebayo Endorses Olumide Akpata for NBA President

My name is Femi Adebayo. I am a lawyer, film actor, director, producer and one time Special Adviser to the former Governor of Kwara State on Arts, Culture and Tourism. I have keenly observed the candidates in the running for the upcoming Nigerian Bar Association, and I am looking forward to a fruitful future for all stakeholders of the Bar with none other than Mr. Olumide Akpata at the helm.

Without any sentiments, it is clear that he means business. He has set out clear and concise strategies for how he will tackle the major issues plaguing members of the NBA. Chief of which are welfare, capacity building and ensuring inclusiveness for all. 

In his own capacity as an individual, he has ensured the success, development and welfare of several lawyers, including providing mentorship to counsel to enable them set up their own practices. I have also seen in particular interest shown in developing and equipping lawyers in the entertainment law space by giving voice to practitioners on the SBL platform. This is somebody who has the big picture of the future of our noble profession at heart. When somebody shows you who you are, believe them. I have seen who Olumide Akpata is and I wholly, heartily and unequivocally endorse him for the position of President of the Nigerian Bar Association.


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