May 21, 2024

Lawyer Apologises to NBA on behalf of 2022 AGC Delegates Who may have Joined the Bag ‘Revolt’

Steve U. Nwankwo, Esq.

Ebonyi based lawyer and vocal critic, Steve U. Nwankwo a.k.a. Steve Sun has sought for forgiveness from the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) on behalf of any lawyer who may be found guilty of vandalism and looting of bags at the 2022 annual general conference held in Lagos.

Mr Nwankwo expressed this in a Facebook post on Saturday.

“I do not condone vandalism; but i certainly support angry protests when people are pushed to the wall,” he stated.

“If people don’t express their anger, how will elitist leaders come down from their high horses and realize that they’re focking up?

He continued that “The issue of treating lawyers shabbily at AGCs has been a recurring decimal year in, year out (with the exception of one or two different years such as Lagos-2017) and repeated complaints have always been met with nonchalance on the part of the leadership!

Highly sought-after: The NBA conference bag

“Why do you think the founding fathers of America revolted against the British (otherwise referred to as the American Revolution)..?? It’s because they be don complain taya!” Mr Nwankwo asked.

“I understand that the immediate past President and the TCCP Chairman have both apologized for their lapses. I too, want to apologize on behalf of all lawyers who may have participated in the revolt,” He said.

He assured that “The bright side of it is that the Bar has remained united unlike the aftermath of the American Revolution.

“Let it be a teachable moment for everyone. I believe the AGC must’ve been insured, so let the insurers bear the cost of the protest/riot/revolution.

“The Committee having delivered its preliminary Report, let it be thanked and disbanded, so that we can forge ahead and hope lawyers won’t be treated shabbily going forward.

Gracias.” Nwankwo wrote.

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