Lawyer Raises Alarm over Federal High Court’s Staff Extortion and other Unethical Conducts

President Aigbokhan, Esq.

An international human rights lawyer President Aigbokhan has raised alarm over the Federal High Court extortion.

According to President, the nuisance of the staff of Federal High Court is getting too much. The management must as a matter of urgency set up on-line report platform, reward the faithful and disgrace the infidels. If you visit the National Industrial Court, you will have serious reasons to question the poor public service practice at the Federal High Court.
One country, two courts and two service standards.

The email address of the court to wit: doesn’t process emails because it is full.

President Aigbokhan shared a current personal experience, “I have a case at Federal High Court 3, Lagos. After the ruling of the court, I applied for a copy and the certification of the ruling.

I was asked to pay expenses of typing of the ruling assessed at 10, 000 and 25, 000 fee for releasing a copy of the ruling. Failure to pay the sum of 35, 000, the original copy of the ruling will not be released let alone being presented for certification.”

The staff by name Bright and his accomplice Mr. Seyi have said that even if the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court flies in from Abuja the ruling will not be released. He also gave another example, where the account department in Benin City refused to process a notice of appeal on the ground that the print out of Remita was not bold enough. A computer generated receipt was boldly rejected. The issue was conveyed to the DCR who was away during the incident, till date no action was taken to my knowledge.

At this point, I need to cry out because staff of Federal High Court are frustrating lawyers. This is not the administration of justice system I want to bequeath to my children.

I request that a copy of the ruling in FHC/ L/CS/1421/2020 be released and a committee be set up to investigate the matters highlighted.’


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