Lawyers Create Counter Petition against Call for Stripping AGF Malami of SAN Rank

Honourable Attorney Genaral of the Federation, Abubakar Malami SAN

A group of lawyers have created an online petition to counter an initial call for the removal of the Senior Advocate of Nigeria rank awarded to the Attorney Genaral of the Federation, Abubakar Malami SAN.

Giving reasons for the opposite petition, the lawyers wrote on that:

“The present RPC was unilaterally signed and became effective by the former AG Bayo Ojo SAN.

“This action was never interpreted as an abuse of the powers vested in him as Attorney-General of the Federation, mo petition was signed or lodged against him before the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee.

“If the present AGF had removed the expiry date it would have been a popular decision among young lawyers but the overfed bar men who feeding day on the money being made without any tangible gains for lawyers would have still stood against it.

“The current AGF can not be accused of professional misconduct, and the LEGAL PRACTITIONERS PRIVILEGES COMMITTEE may  find it hard to justifiably withdraw the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria from him as clearly stated in No. 5 of the GUIDELINES FOR THE CONFERMENT OF THE RANK OF SENIOR ADVOCATE OF NIGERIA, 2007.

“The LPPC should be careful of giving audience to war mongers and people with itchy fingers who have newly found a weapon to use against anyone they do not like his/her face. We should not let the law profession degenerate into the levels where everything now has religious and tribal connotations 

“The AGF can be stripped of his title of SAN if he is convicted for any offence that in the opinion of the LPPC is incompatible with the honour and dignity of the holder of the rank of SAN as an offence relating to breach of trust, theft or other offence involving fraud or dishonesty. 

“The AGF is the Chief Law Officer of the federation, and may not allow such prosecution to see the light of day, as he is clothed with the constitutional powers of nolle prosequi.”

THE PETITION TO STRIP HIM OF HIS TITLE is an invitation to LPPC to join the instigators in a politically and tribally influenced dance of shame.

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