Letter to the 40 Year Old New EFCC Chairman

Dear sir,

Your appointment has been clouded in conspiracies and ethnic-religious bias, so you can only imagine the expectations that faces you right now.

You are young in the eyes of many and you will be perceived has not having the necessary political and other practical experiences needed for a man in your position.

Let me tell you now as one a little older but within the same generation as you, that it won’t be easy.

EFCC has grown to be a corrupt institution, political and mostly used as a tool to oppress others.

You are positioned now to change the narrative, you have to prove that our generation can do better, correct the mistakes of our fathers and the generations before us.

You have to be brave, incorruptible and focus on the future of this country. You have to lead those under you towards a moral path, you have to stop all the illegal arrests, detentions and bias investigations.

You must protect our economy from all those who seek to undermine it.

You must do justice between those in power and those that aren’t.

The constitution must be your only master and you must be ready to resign your position when faced with issues that may compromise your integrity.

At 40 years old, you clearly stand in a unique position to transform our nation.

I was 41 when I started the movement called Fight Against Corruption in the Judiciary. I faced the criticisms, I had no government or foreign funding (I still don’t), my passion to see a better Nigeria for my children drives me, it motivates me and I fear not for my own life because the fight is worth the sacrifice.

There are many people who will try to discourage you. They will call your dream youthful exuberance and try to make you fall into their own hopelessness but you must surround yourself with forward-thinking Nigerians who have a high moral compass and a dream of a corrupt-free Nigeria.

Be Brave… Be Bold….Be Just….Be dutiful.


Bayo Akinlade Esq
National convener
Fight Against Corruption in the Judiciary (FIACIJ)


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