Midwest Bar Forum Congratulates Ibrahim Mohammed and Mrs. U. I. Dania on their Swearing in and Assumption of Office as the Chairman and Secretary of NBA Auchi Branch

The Midwest Bar Forum has sent a congratulatory message to new leadership of the Nigerian Bar Association Auchi Branch.

The message by the Forum reads:

The Midwest Bar Forum heartily Congratulates Ibrahim Mohammed Esq. and Mrs. U.I Dania on their swearing in as the Chairman and Secretary respectively of the Nigerian Bar Association, Auchi Branch. Your election and swearing is indeed a testament to your sterling qualities which put you in good stead in steering the affairs of the Branch to enviable heights. The Forum is confident that you will key-in into the programme of the national body under the able leadership of the President, Olu Akpata, to deliver a Bar that works for all in your Branch.
What makes your election and swearing in remarkable is that it was achieved inspite of the enormous challenges you were confronted with. Your election exemplifies your doggedness and indomitable spirit which you will bring to bear in running the affairs of the Branch beyond all expectations.

Accept our congratulations.


Professor N. A. Inegbedion, PhD
Chairman, Midwest Bar Forum

H.O. Bazuaye, Esq (Midwesterner)
Public Relations Officer,
Midwest Bar Forum.

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