My Pact: Manifesto Of Dr Foluke Dada, NBA 2nd Vice-President Candidate

The following shall be my pact with the members of our noble profession.

On the specific duties assigned by S.8 (5)C of the Constitution of the Nigerian Bar Association to the office of the Second Vice President, I shall work assiduously in ensuring that:

a. Lawyers within the Branches will be encouraged to take active part in Bar activities for mutual benefits to be enjoyed by all. Where participation is less than encouraging, efforts shall be made to rekindle the interest of members in Bar activities.

b. In collaboration with the Branches and relevant State Government agencies, efforts will be made to ensure that professional work performed by lawyers are not hijacked any longer. This will improve the earning capacities and employment opportunities for lawyers in the future.

c. Ensure effective communication between the National office and the Branches allocated. This will include the outlining of specific welfare packages designed to be enjoyed by the members in these Branches and an effective communication of messages and leadership directions within the Bar.

d. Represent the President where he is unavoidably absent and by his direction, deliver messages on his behalf.

e. Provide professional support to the President of the Bar during national programs around the country and beyond.

f. Encourage lawyers to pursue continuous legal education that will not only result in monetary rewards but professional uplifting.

g. Provide mentorship and self realization platform for young lawyers for the enhancement of their capacities beyond litigation.

h. Promote leadership by example amongst the Branches allocated. In performing oversight duties over the Branches, I will be objective, proactive and fair.

i. Advocate for the rights of all members of the Association where such have been trampled upon through constituted organs of the State.

j. In line with the relevant provisions of the Constitution, I will support and encourage any prospective Branch to be created in order to achieve success through the process of Branch creation.

k. I unequivocally state also that the manifestos of whoever emerges as President shall be adequately adopted so as to achieve the following guiding principles of the Nigerian Bar namely;

i. “To be at the vanguard of the promotion and defense of the rule of law, good governance, social justice and the dignity of all persons;
ii. To rank among the foremost Bar Associations in the world
iii. To use the law as an instrument for social change
iv. Promotion of the Rule of Law”

l. As a great team player, I will work hard with other members of the executive committee in order to achieve a successful tenure and ease of participation by all.

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