March 2, 2024

National Welfare Secretary: Protection of Lawyers’ Human Rights a Priority…. Kunle Edun

Kunle Edun


The NBA Constitution prescribes the responsibilities of the National Welfare Secretary to wit:

i) He/She shall monitor the welfare and interest of members of the Association.

ii) He/She shall bring to the notice of the National officers and the National Executive Committee any matter concerning the welfare of any member of the Association whether within or outside the Country with a view to protecting and preserving their rights, privileges and welfare.

The National Welfare Secretary is therefore required to be passionate about the protection of the human rights of members of the Association. Such high responsibilities require a person with a proven pedigree for consistent right activism and passion for the welfare of members of the Association. If we must stop the harrassment of lawyers by security agencies, the National Welfare Secretary must have the capacity and drive in this regard.

If you desire a proactive and responsive National Welfare Secretary for the NBA, a person who for the past 15 years has consistently fought battles for the oppressed, the weak, lawyers inclusive; one who has successfully defended lawyers against harrassment and rights violations by security agencies, all pro bono, then STAND WITH KUNLE EDUN FOR NATIONAL WELFARE SECRETARY when campaign officially commences.

Courtesy: Nigerian Lawyers’ Action Forum.

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