December 2, 2023

NBA-AGC 2022: NACO Logistics Ltd Draws the Curtain of Hotel Reservations by August 17

The leading hospitality service provider in Nigeria and the only NBA recognized company for hotel reservation ahead of 2022 NBA-AGC wishes to notify all attendees of the conference that 17th of August, 2022, is the date for the closure of window for hotel reservations. The close of reservation 48hrs before the arrival date is to enable the company to make out time and follow up on the reservations already made in various hotels and give attendees the best treat upon arrival in Lagos.
Participants are therefore urged to maximize these remaining few days to make their hotel reservations as soon as possible. Kindly note that there will be no room for reopening of the hotel reservation window after 17th of August, 2022.

The benefits of booking through NACO LOGISTICS LTD include but not limited to the following:

  1. Luxury and average hotels around the event center are available and have been secured for the purpose of the conference by NACO LOGISTICS LTD.
  2. NACO LOGISTICS LTD provides an easy self-service booking for all attendees.
  3. Booking through NACO LOGISTICS LTD provides you the opportunity to pay at a lesser rate than the original hotel rate.
  4. Attendees that book through NACO have more opportunity to enjoy best subsidized rates with less stress.
  5. NACO refund policy is flexible

Your comfort is our priority.

For reservation and enquiries: CALL: 08061482888 or WhatsApp: 08069206814 EMAIL:

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