June 14, 2024

NBA Badagry Branch Elects, Inaugurates New Executive Committee Members

The new Chairman of NBA Badagry Branch, M.A. Shodipo, Esq.

The Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Badagry Branch has elected and Inaugurated new executive committee members.

The election election was conducted on Tuesday 29th of June, 2020. The following members emerged as the Branch’s officers:

  1. M.A. Sodipo- Chairman
  2. M.A. Salau – Vice Chairman
  3. Ijeoma Ekwoanya – General  Secretary
  4. Olaide Mabawonku – Assistant Secretary
  5. Uthman Akeem – Financial Secretary
  6. Jennifer Ekweokpolo – Treasurer
  7. Atule Ekhors – Legal Adviser

The officers pledged to direct the affairs of NBA Badagry Branch to the best of their abilities and abide by and enforce the bylaws, and uphold the NBA Constitution.

Chief Servant Remarks

All thanks and praises are due to Almighty God for His benevolence on us. Today is the beginning of another journey in the history of our Branch “The Heritage Bar” wherein the Chigbo Okafor led Administration takes an exist and we ushered in a new Administration to be led by my humble self and your Chief Servant M. A. SODIPO.

The election has come and gone and I want to believe all that happened during the electioneering campaign were the usual political propagandas and gimmicks to out smart political adversaries. It is normal in every election or contest for there to emerge a winner as  it happened today. It is my appeal that we all bury our hatchets and come together as one united family. We all know that today’s election was for the Chairmanship Office and majority of our members who were eligible voters spoke through the ballot papers that I M. A. SODIPO should be the Chief Servant of our Noble Branch for the next two years and I gladly accept it  with appreciation, thankfulness and humility.

I thank you all for the believe and faith you have in me by electing me as your Chief Servant. I will not let you down, I also promise not to disappoint myself as I will do my best possible to project the image of the Branch by making it a  more vibrant and vocal Branch that will be reckoned with in the commit of Branches. I hereby appeal to Dr. O. G. Agidi that we  put today’s election behind us and let’s forge ahead to champion a common cause which is the progress and well being of our Noble Branch.

The election should be taken as an Act of God though were I to be in your shoes I will also not be happy but No one can change what has already been ordained by God Almighty. I appreciate and thank Mr. Adebayo Matesun who is also one of the Chairmanship candidates in just concluded election for good sportsmanship and elderly commitment. I appreciate, commend and thank all our members for your sacrifice despite the heavy rain, the bad road and your tight schedule, you made it to the election venue and performed your civic responsibilities otherwise we’ll not constitute new Executive today. I thank  the Chigbo Okafor led Administration for a successful tenure in office, I commend the good work of the Emeka Orafu led  Electoral Committee. Also I appreciate and thank all M. A. SODIPO Campaign Team. I pray for God’s continuous mercies and blessing on each and everyone of us.

Like I said in my short inaugural speech this Administration shall be all inclusive, all embracing and all encompassing, unassuming with accessible leadership as No one shall be left out. I believe  if we all join hands together we shall have a glorious and glamorous Heritage Bar of our dream within the next two years of this Administration God’s willing.

I appeal to all members both seniors and colleagues to support, assist and cooperate with this Administration in ensuring that the Heritage Bar is taken to a greater height where members shall be prosperous and fulfilled. It my prayers that neither death nor calamities shall befall anyone of us but we shall witness prosperity, abundant wealth and sound health in the next two years of this Administration.

Thank you all for your Support,   Anticipated Cooperation and understanding.

May God bless each and everyone of us. Your Chief Servant. M. A. Sodipo

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