NBA Benin Branch- the Lion Bar’s Bar Police Monitoring Committee Condemns the Unwarranted Attack on Lawyer by Men of the Edo State Vigilante Service

The Nigerian Bar Association,Benin Branch (the Lion Bar) Bar/Police Monitoring Committee condemns with outrightly the vicious and callous attack by some men of the Edo Vigilante Network on a one of its members: Mathew Enedion Esq., on Tuesday 16th November,2021 while on his way home .

In a Statement by its Chairman: Mr. Douglas Ogbankwa Esq and Secretary, Prince P.E. Madojemu Esq, the Committee stated thus:

“As a confirmation of the various complaints received from members of the Public on the activities of some men of the Edo Vigilante Network, a gentle and debonair lawyer and a distinguished Member of our Branch: Mr. Mathew Enedion Esq , assumed a symbol of those who are victims of the various unwarranted attacks by some men of the Edo Vigilante Network, when he was viciously attacked by a detachment of the vigilante after he blatantly refused to give bribe to them on his way home on Tuesday the 16th of November,2021, in an illegal barricade planted by members of the vigilante, ostensibly, for the purpose of extortion of innocent members of the Public under the guise of Security.

The Committee finds that the action of the Vigilante Network setting up road blocks at night is not only inoperative under any law but an illegality ab initio. The Committee states that the Vigilante Network, not being a creation of any written law, should be more circumspect in dealing with members of the public they strive to protect as the narrative around town of their conduct and operations, leaves much to be desired.

The Committee bemoans the fate of an ordinary man in the hands of the Vigilante Network, if a lawyer, who introduced himself as such, but was attacked because he introduced himself as a lawyer. No one deserves the violence and dehumanization meted on the lawyer. The Committee calls for an immediate disbandment of the Command of the Vigilante Network that carried out the dastardly act on our colleague and calls for a full scale investigation into this incident while demanding for a total overhaul of the structure and operations of the Edo Vigilante Network. The Committee believes in the capacity of the Police to handle this Matter and calls for the immediate arraignment of the culprits in Court, just as the Bar Association sets up a legal team to sue the traducers and their promoters for a civil claim to checkmate and forestall any repeat of such incidence to anyone in Edo state. The Committee believes that penalties are a sure deterrence to impunity. The Committee further call on members of the Public who may have been victims of the operations of men of the vigilante to send their complaints to the NBA Benin, Bar House on the unwholesome activities of Vigilantes. The Committee recognizes the efforts of some men of the Edo Vigilante Network in combating crime in the state, but calls for the total weeding of bad elements from amongst it’s fold.

The Committee reiterates its call for a legal frame work to be set up for the regulation of the Vigilante Network in the state where issues such as discipline of erring members will be adequately addressed. Lastly, the Committee demands that compensation should be paid to Mr. Mathew Enedion Esq and all other victims of such unprovoked attacks.


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