NBA CAC Taskforce is Conducting Online Survey of Complaints Regarding Business Registration and Related Matters

Last week, the President of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Mr. Olumide Akpata recently constituted an 8-member Presidential Taskforce, chaired by Mr. Ayuli Jemide, to look into the repeated complaints from Legal Practitioners with respect to service delivery at Branches of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) across the Country.

According to the NBA Publicity Secretary, Dr. Rapulu Nduka, the mandate of the Taskforce includes to investigate complaints, engage with the Registrar General of the CAC and proffer workable solutions in the interests of all stakeholders.

“In fulfillment of this mandate, the Taskforce is conducting a survey with a view to receiving and collating feedback from stakeholders across the country.

“Information from the survey will help the Task Force identify the major areas of concern and engage the CAC in an informed, effective and conclusive manner.” Nduka explained.

All stakeholders are enjoined to fill out the Google form by clicking on the link below:

“The Taskforce urges all stakeholders to kindly participate in this survey as entries close by midnight on Tuesday, 6th October 2020.”


  1. Patricia Okafor

    The CAC business phone lines are not often answered. Persistent calls do not give the required results for the calls are not picked and no personal interaction because of Covid.
    Undue delay in the whole process.

  2. Remilekun

    The issues with CAC registration presently are many. The most frustrating one is the use of DHL. Even with the physical process, we experienced delay of about two to three month before getting whatsoever we file, now it has even worst.
    The issue of consent as a must for all incorporated Trustee Filing is causing not only delay but a rigorous process.
    Lastly there has been delay in getting a certificate and mostly, post incorporation.
    Thanks in anticipation

  3. Dorothy Edema

    I’m highly disappointed at CAC, it has never been this bad and frustrating in the his of CAC, not even in the days of analog system.
    I filed form 2A during the first phase of ease of lockdown, till now, no response from the commission.
    Common status check I applied for sometime in in June only came out sometime in September, making client loose so much in his investment. Is this the definition of ease of doing business?
    Incorporation I filed sometime around 15th or 16th of August, I received a mail from the commission on the 27th of same month notifying me of successful incorporation but as we speak the certificate is not issued as no courier company has called me and I scan through the dispatch manifest on a daily basis but no success.
    I have sent emails twice, I immediately receive auto generated responses promising action will be carried out, client has been calling me, it’s now making me feel incompetent.
    I’m highly displeased.

  4. The Esquire Practice

    Service delivery is not timeous in spite of the penalties involved in certain applications.

    The consent requirements for NGO registration is not tedious and has been made to have a retrospective effect on applications that had already been commenced.

    There is minimal response on complaints. No customer service interactions whatsoever.

  5. Ahmed Ruqayyat

    Nothing is working,common CTC request,I submitted on the 16th of September is still pending,every corporate practicing lawyer can testify on how fast it use to be in the past, I have nothing to say than the whole system is very frustrating,clients are frustrated , please advice him to setup a working system ,and stop tell the whole world what is not achievable in his time.thanks

  6. Nkechi Ezike

    1. CAC should set up call center
    2. CAC should respond to emails
    3. CAC should schedule the manifest into groups of Annual Returns, Business Name, IT, CTC etc and not hurdle them all up and post as they like
    4. We do not want to deal with DHL their staff is disrespectful and their mode of handling documents is disrespectful too
    5. Can CAC kindly dispatch my certificate which has been ready since 27th August, 2020?


    1.ABBY’S FOODIE & BEVERAGES, RC: 1703034, approved since 26/8 no certificate.

    RC: 1703037, approved since 27/8 no certificate

    Bn: 3174914
    Approved since 31 Aug. No certificate

    RC 752348. CTC CO2, C07 & MEMART . Incomplete documents that were sent back since 4 months now. I complained several times, no response.
    RRR; 3304-0152-8063 N7,161.25

    And many others

    5. I paid for filing and CTC of CO2 and C07, they lost the receipt (N8, 204.25) and called me to furnish them with a receipt that I did not submit same. I just made another payment of N8, 161.25.

  8. Adinye Mike

    Good morning and thank you immensely for this initiative. I wish to bring to your attention the working of the Compliance Dept of CAC. From my observation, applications in respect of part C are not well managed. So many applications are quarried without reaching out to the applicants. I have made 10 different applications for consent to register under part C without any results. When I complained online, I was asked not to complain again or my application will be delayed further. I managed to gain access to the department, only to be given a big booklet to look for the name I applied for. Most of the applications were made on the 1st of September till date. The file room is equally having a problem because some Annual Returns we submitted immediately the restrictions of access commenced have not been processed and when we complained, we were told file not on shelf. I equally applied for a letter of good standing on the 1st of this month and up til now, nothing has been done and all you hear is ,we are still searching for the file.

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