May 21, 2024

NBA National Welfare 2020: Kunle Edun and the Glorious Portfolio Transition by God’s Grace– Sylvester Udemezue

Kunle Edun

Kunle Edun, I hope you’re getting ready for the glorious portfolio transition from Publicity to Welfare at the NBA National Secretariat come August 2020, following after the events of July 2020.

  • You’re a good, capable, and active lawyer.
  • You’ve demonstrated you’re deserving of whatever this profession has got to offer.
  • You’ve given your best to the profession, in the most passionate of ways.

I have looked through the list of the 28 finally-cleared candidates. Seeing Mr Kunle Edun’s name on the list reminds me of Jonas Salk’s famous declaration that “the only reward for a good work is the addition of more work!”

Get set. God is with you.
We’re by your side, with Him

I call on all lawyers who love good work to come and join Kunle Edun to realize this dream of a Glorious Portfolio Transition (GPT) in 2020.

Kunle is capable!

I am udems,
Sylvester Udemezue

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