NBA signs MoU with Coalition for Justice and Peace in Africa


NBA signs MoU with Coalition for Justice and Peace in Africa
MoU- To promote the good administration of law and efficient and transparent delivery of justice needed to maintain peace and to enhance prospects for economic growth and sustainable development in Nigeria

NBA signs MoU with Coalition for Justice and Peace in Africa (CJPA) to provide active collaboration with each other in areas pertaining to rule of law, continuing legal education and training.

The Coalition for Justice and Peace in Africa is a not-for-profit corporation with headquarters in the District of Columbia USA.

CJPA builds partnerships among governmental agencies, business enterprises and civil society organisations, including philanthropies and universities across the African continent and beyond.

The objectives of the MoU include:

To create an efficient service-based organisation that offers services needed to empower stakeholders working within Nigerian law and justice systems and institutions to perform their duties and discharge their responsibilities to the best of their abilities.

These stakeholders encompass a widespread range of individuals who work within the full gamut of law and justice institutions and civil society organisations including the army, the police, the legislature, the judiciary, the prosecution, the civil service, the Bar, the legal education sector, the media, the clergy, the trade unions, the prisons,

It also aims at building partnerships across the board including governmental agencies, non-governmental organisations, philanthropists, corporations, business enterprises and concerned individuals to share knowledge and to galvanise resources needed to bring Nigerian legal institutions at par with its counterpart institutions across the world.

Membership of CJPA

As a member of CJPA, you will become part of a local, national and international effort to improve the justice system in Nigeria and across Africa.



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