May 21, 2024

New Month: NBA Asst. General Secretary, Daniel Kip Wishes Lawyers God’s Protection, Preservation, and Guidance

Daniel Kip, Esq.

Distinguished Colleagues,
As we assume the penultimate month and commence winding up of the year 2022, I wish you all God’s protection, preservation and guidance. I stand with our colleagues who are going through the devastating effects of flood in various parts of the Country and beseech God to cause them divine provision and succour. I thank God for our Colleagues who were kidnapped and eventually released unhurt this past few weeks.I call on God’s intervention to avert any calamity that is planned to be unleashed in the FCT-Abuja or any part of the Country.

This month shall bring us peace and happiness, and the remaining weeks in this year shall be flourishing and fulfilling.

Happy November!


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