Nigeria’s 59th Independence Anniversary: NBA Calls for Sober Reflection

The President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Paul Usoro,SAN congratulates Nigerians for achieving another great milestone of nationhood. It has been so far, so good; but not too good as a nation.

However, this anniversary celebration calls for sober reflections by all NIgerians of where we are coming from and where we are going in terms of the state of the Rule of Law, independence of the judiciary and respect for the fundamental rights of Nigerians. The NBA has noticed an increasing trend in the refusal of the various governments in Nigeria to adhere to the basic tenets of constitutional democracy.

Unfortunately, the nation has also witnessed sharp economic downturn and crass corruption amongst members of the political class and various departments of government.

Whilst the NBA shall continue to fulfill it’s mandate of promoting the Rule of Law and respect for the fundamental rights of Nigerians, the NBA urges all Nigerians to key into this new Nigerian project and abhor arbitrariness, impunity and abuse of power by government authorities. These are the inescapable fundamentals for an enduring democracy and prosperity.

Happy Independence.

Kunle Edun
National Publicity Secretary, NBA.


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