Now that Ogunlana wasn’t Cleared by ECNBA, My Support is for Deacon Dele Adesina SAN, Activist Yakubu Eleto Declares

I hereby declare my support of Sir, Deacon Dele Adeshina SAN as President of the NBA. My support initially was for Sir Shina Ogunlana whom we belong to the same activist constituency, I know him from all understanding to be a Comrade-lawyer and a radical one indeed.

However with the fact he wasn’t cleared by the ECNBA due to issues he has with some of the members of the NBA Ikeja Branch and the inability to scale through the screening of ECNBA, I hereby declare my support for DEACON DELE ADESHINA and I will also advise SIR SHINA OGUNLANA to continue undeterred in fighting for what he believes could put the bar in the right direction.

I therefore enjoin all our team to switch their supports for DEACON DELE ADESHINA for we believe he has the maturity, wisdom and charisma to lead the bar in promoting JUSTICE, RULE OF LAW & GOOD GOVERNANCE.

Thank you and God bless.

Let’s get verified as I am verified already.

Yakubu Eleto, Esq.


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