Ogunlana Knocks NBA Lagos Branch Chairman Yemi Akangbe over ‘Unjustifiable Denunciation’ of Eti-Osa Bar Forum

Former Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Ikeja Branch(2016-2018) and Chairman of the Radical Agenda Movement in the Nigerian Bar Association (RAMINBA) has taken to his Facebook page to condemn a letter circulating on social media, signed by the Chairman of Lagos Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association, Yemi Akangbe and the Assistant Secretary, Ifeoma Obi to the Chief Judge of Lagos State, Honourable Justice Kazeem Alogba purportedly disclaiming the Eti-Osa Bar Forum.

In a post entitled

“Reading carefully through this letter (find attached), one cannot come to terms with the pettiness, shallowness, even backwardness the contents exhibited. I am actually appalled that the letter could emanate from the leadership class of the PREMIER BRANCH. It is a case of accusation-without-proof galore, an embarrassjng display of kindergaten jejunity. What is the business of the NBA LAGOS BRANCH with the affairs of an Eti-osa Bar Forum which has nothing to do with NBA LAGOS BRANCH or has attempted to operate under NBA LAGOS BRANCH radar or platform to warrant this needless letter to the Chief Judge of Lagos State?

Assuming the complaints are genuine, the proper direction of complaint, on the alleged case of “passing off” against the Eti-Osa Bar Forum ought to be the Nigerian Bar Association and not the Lagos State Chief Judge.

Now where is that law that says it is only legal practitioners who are officials of the Nigerian Bar Association that can hold programmes for lawyers or interact with Judiciary authorities? Where is the respect for the constitutional right of freedom of association?

To the best of my knowledge, the ETI-OSA BAR FORUM has been an up and doing body holding workshops, seminars, lectures, socials for legal practitioners. I advise the present leadership of the NBA LAGOS to ‘ maintan her lane’ and face her enormous responsibilities, squarely and not self distract. Truth is that the Etiosa Bar Forum needs no permit or licence from any NBA BRANCH or even the NBA mother body to operate as a body or to run her programmes.

The NBA LAGOS BRANCH should stop displaying a sorry spectacle of her self as an old hag choking on the envy of a ravishing, lively damsel.

By the way, let it be made clear that the newly created ETI-OSA JUDICIAL DIVISION is not within the territorial control of NBA LAGOS BRANCH. Thus the NBA OFFICE created in the new ETI-OSA HIGH COURT of the ETI-OSA JUDICIAL DIVISION is not under the control of NBA LAGOS BRANCH or any other Branch of the NBA; only the PARENT NBA, for now, can give directions there on.” Ogunlana declared.

The letter in quo

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