Ogunlana Leads Radical Agenda in the NBA on Solidarity Visit to Punch Newspapers

Mr. Ogunlana, Chairman of the Radical Agenda Movement in the NBA (RAMINBA) and presidential aspirant in the forthcoming 2020 national elections of the Nigerian Bar Association has led a delegation of committed activists and members of the Radical Agenda Movement in the NBA (RAMINBA) to pay a solidarity visit to The Punch Newspapers for the valiant declaration to prefix Major General before the President of the country, Muhammadu Buhari and tag his administration a ” regime” until the administration purges itself of the insufferable contempt for the rule of law.

This was made known in a press statement issued by Ayo Ademiluyi, Secretary of Radical Agenda Movement in the NBA (RAMINBA) and Director of Media, Publicity, Strategy and Communications of #ProgressiveBar2020. The Radical Agenda Movement in the NBA (RAMINBA) is an organisation aimed at drawing radical and genuine progressive elements across the Branches of the Nigerian Bar Association to reposition the Bar to play its historic role of the vanguard of the social justice movement.

Mr. Ogunlana took to his popular Facebook wall to narrate the solidarity visit thus:
“This morning, I had the privilege of leading a team of RAMINBA( RADICAL AGENDA MOVEMENT IN THE NIGERIAN BAR ASSOCIATION) to the PUNCH NEWSPAPERS to identify and show support of our movement for the organisation’s recent courageous and patriotic decision and policy on the nomenclature of Mohammed Buhari ,President of Nigeria since 2015. Punch,since the 11th December 2019 has been referring to Mohammed Buhari as Major General, the last rank he held when he was in military service to protest his perceived repressive governance style which includes insufferable disdain and contempt for the rule of law.

We used the occasion of our visit to leave a letter of solidarity”


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