March 2, 2024

Olumide Akpata Sends Uplifting Valentine’s Day Message to the Bar: ‘Love is all that matters!’

Olumide Akpata: Together we can build a Nigerian Bar firmly rooted in love

Love is all that matters!

“Today, we are reminded of the need to take a moment, as we should every now and then, to look up from our statutes and our drafts, to pause from our demanding submission to duty, and appreciate those we have around us.”

“Our calling as ministers in the temple of justice is not just to society and our clients – but also to one another as colleagues. We are enjoined as co-ministers to be kind in action, and considerate in thought to one another.

“It is my earnest hope and belief that with this in view, we can together build a Nigerian Bar firmly rooted in love, one branch after another. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.


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