March 2, 2024

On the Occasion of Her 2022 Law Week, Dhikrullah Adewale Balogun (DAB) Sends Goodwill Message to NBA Kaduna Branch

Dhikrullah Adewale Balogun (DAB)

“I extend my best wishes to the Chairman, Branch Officers, Law Week Planning Committee, and other members of the Nigerian Bar Association, Kaduna uBranch, on the occasion of her 2022 Law Week.
I am excited with the theme of the law week which is, “Expanding the frontiers of Legal Practice”. This theme speaks for itself in many ways.

It is our collective responsibility as legal practitioners to always find new areas of law which will invariably expand practice areas in and outside Nigeria.

I therefore urge all members of the bar to team up to build and promote new practice areas that will lead to more employment opportunities for lawyers.
I use this opportunity to congratulate the leadership and members of the Kaduna branch of the NBA for coming up with the theme of the programme and organising the programme.
Congratulations to Kaduna Bar.

Dhikrullah Adewale Balogun (DAB),
Vice Chairman, NBA Ilorin Branch.

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