Ondo State Judiciary Debunks Man’s Allegations against Chief Judge

The Ondo State Judiciary has denied allegations of wrongdoings levelled against its Chief Judge Olarenwaju Akeredolu as contained in a viral video.

In the video, a middle-aged man, Oluwapelumi Fagboyegun had accused the Justice Akeredolu (his step brother) of unlawfully detaining him without trial for three years for entering to their father’s house.

The statement by Chief Registrar of the High Court of Justice, Akure, reads:

It has come to the notice of the Ondo State Judiciary that someone who called himself Mr. Olupelumi Fagboyegun made several allegations against the Honorable Chief Judge and third arm of government in Ondo State particularly as it relates to judicial dispensation and administration of justice.

Obviously, the said Olupelumi was intent on tarnishing the image of the Judiciary and denting the well-earned integrity of the fountain of justice in Ondo State. However, he apparently failed to add credence, proof or substance to the allegations he glibly made to whip up sentiments in the public domain.

For the records, the Judiciary of Ondo State has, over the years, maintained high level of integrity and unbiased administration of justice to all and sundry regardless of status, age or class.

In direct response to some of the issues raised and allegations made in the video widely circulated by the man, there was never a time that he was kept in prison custody on the order of any Magistrate or any Hon. Judge of Ondo State. The investigation conducted by the office of the Chief Registrar to ascertain the facts of the matter and confirm the correct and current position of Mr. Olupelumi revealed that he was arraigned on the 19th March, 2018, in Charge No: MOW/102c/2018 for the offence of ‘Conduct likely to cause the breach of the peace’ and was granted bail on liberal terms on the same day in accordance with the law by the presiding Magistrate Mr S.O. Adedapo who initially handled the matter. Since his arraignment, he has never spent a day in custody even when he jumped bail for over six months and was rearrested.

The matter has proceeded to hearing and evidences adduced like any other trial and according to law. It is strange to note that a matter pending before the court can become a subject of media hype targeted at whipping up sentiments to intimidate and blackmail an institution set up by law to adjudicate and also to prosecute offences. Furthermore, from the records obtained from the file, it was observed that the matter still came up for hearing on Thursday, 11th February, 2021, and witnesses were called by the prosecution as against the widely circulated allegations contained in the video. Whoever is interested in this can actually apply for Certified True Copy of the record of the court.

Based on available records, the judiciary cannot find any support for the allegations and insinuations of this man. Ondo State Judiciary is strictly committed to justice according to law and will remain so.

The public is hereby urged to discountenance the video condemning the Ondo State Judiciary, the justice sector in Ondo State and the Hon. Chief Judge. Thank you.” The statement concluded.


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