One Day Virtual International Workshop on Legislative Drafting

Mr. Tonye Clinton Jaja

The Dr. M.G.R. Educational Research Institute, India presents a one-day workshop on Legislative drafting.

Date: 11th August, 2022.

Time: 10am – 12:30pm

Guest speaker: Mr. Tonye Clinton Jaja, National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies, Nigeria.

Topic: Introduction to the Methods of Legal Research and Legislative Drafting


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Legislative Drafting is the skill of a Legislative Drafter who is a lawyer trained in the discipline of mastering the use of words and knowledge to effectively communicate policies and intentions into simple, clear and intelligible laws, and analysing the future to produce workable and realistic solutions which will develop society”.

“Legislative drafters are responsible for producing legislation which promotes democratic governance and gives effect to the rule of law.”

“Poor and incomplete legislative drafting produces litigation and chaos and undermines the rule of law”.

The subject ‘Legislative Drafting’ is like grammar and rules of composition, difficult to remember, but when followed by the individual inspires him to develop creativity and skill to pen drafting and in particular Legislative Drafting. Intelligence, memory and judgment may be the assets of an Advocate, but a draftsman should have skill and art with a sense of good drafting.

The Statutes get their proper chiseling and trimming in the hands of the Judges whose interpretations play a leading role in this regard The draftsm should be closely following these; There is no limitation to his knowledge of the subjects-science, art, literature,history, logic etc, apart from law. The students should make attempts to draw up hypothetical drafts on certain chosen subjects. It is true to say with Sri. Bukshi that a perfect draftsman is not born yet. But to aim at reaching higher standards should be the objective of a good draftsman.


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