Palm Sunday| Okey Ohagba’s Message of Hope and Healing from God

Dear Christian Colleagues,

Today, world over, Christians commemorate the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. This solemn event marks the beginning of the Holy Week in the Christian calendar. It’s a time Christians worldwide ponder on the passion and death of Christ, and his eventual glorious resurrection. It’s a week that chronicles the life, times and power of Christ over death.
Sadly, this solemn event is coming at a time when the world is on total lockdown, battling to defeat this deadly Covid-19 pandemic. But as Christians who believe and celebrate the power of Christ over pain, suffering and death, I urge us to continue fervently in prayers, believing firmly in Christ that this ‘Cup’ shall soon pass from us.

In this holy week, let us pray that as a nation, we shall ‘passover’ from the fear of the virus, its contagion, isolation,  incidental economic hardship and pains to healing, recovery and a renewed life and livelihood.

As Christians, we can walk past this valley of darkness, believing that our God is Lord over life and death, and can bring good out of evil, healing from illness and life from death.
With God, we shall overcome this pandemic.

Happy Palm Sunday and Holy Week blessings to all of us!

Okey Leo Ohagba Past NBA 1st Assistant General Secretary


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