Past Chairman of NBA Benin Branch, Ede Asenoguan, Esq. Hails NBA-YLF Owerri Branch on Its 2022 Summit

“The Chairman, executive and branch members of the YLF, NBA Owerri Branch,

I am no stranger to your astute forum; being of like minds, we have had cause to interact very robustly in the past. This is why I will always take every opportunity to associate with you.

Your 2022 summit themed ‘Yesterday, Today and the Future of the Legal Profession in Nigeria’, is once more another opportunity to rub minds, especially as the chosen theme stands very relevant in keeping our beloved profession on course towards reaching desired goals.

In every facet of human endeavour, lessons learnt from prior years aid in shaping present and future policies, the legal profession inclusive. As young lawyers, it is very praiseworthy that you have chosen such key theme; this is because the successes recorded in this profession are mostly hinged on the formative years of a lawyer’s career; and it only takes a lawyer who can combine the experiences of the profession with contemporary practices to seek to make relevant advancements into the future.

It is my deep desire that the young lawyers within your jurisdiction and beyond will take advantage of this summit to retrospect and restrategize with a view to paving a clear path for their law career and exceeding the already recorded successes.

I am pleased to be in your company once again. We will always partner in our quest to better our lot in this noble profession.

Thank you and God bless”.

Ede Asenoguan,Esq
(Past Chairman, NBA Benin Branch)


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