June 14, 2024

President Aigbokhan Adopts BRIGHT ILUOBE as Candidate for NBA Benin Branch Secretary, Calls out his Opponent

I have examined the two key contenders for the office of the Secretary of the Benin Branch, and I think I have to take a stand for the records. I am aware that like in every sector, systems and structures push the less qualified above the qualified, but the Bar as institution must rise to disrupt the dysfunctional system. I believe it is essential to elect a secretary who is committed to the lawyers, lawyering, and the Secretariat. BRIGHT ILUOBE ESQ is one of such persons.

As you know one of the candidates for Secretary of the Branch has the privilege of organizing a Dinner for lawyers with funds from members and government but he chose to give stewardship of one day event after 9 months. Bright has no such baggage as he has assisted all executives of the Bar in different capacities. If a Chairman of Law Dinner fails to give an account and is not held accountable, how do we hold him accountable if he fails to take proper minutes of meetings? We have to get it right. This is because the office of the Secretary needs timely reports, accurate minutes and scheduling which might be daily or weekly, is something to think about. But a hustler will always put himself forward and expect the bar to accept the services they render afterall, there is no consequence for poor service in Nigeria.

I, President Aigbokhan, Esq humbly endorse the candidacy of BRIGHT ILUOBE ESQ for the position of SECRETARY of the LION BAR. I have observed him for some time, and as a Bar Man and I can confidently say that Bright possesses bright ideas and the skills necessary to excel as Secretary of our noble branch. Some of these qualities are attention to detail and writing skills. The Benin Bar has been fortunate to have credible Secretaries to date, and one factor that accounts for this is the candidates assessment and selection process. This election should not be an exception. Sequel to the above, I have no hesitation in nominating BRIGHT ILUOBE to manage our Secretariat, and I strongly urge our colleagues to vote for him

President Aigbokhan, LLB, LLM, FCAI

FOI Counsel
Benin City, Nigeria

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