December 4, 2023

Quintessential Kunle Edun by Rafiu Tolani Esq

Kunle Edun

Mr. Kunle Edun is one man battalion lawyer who is always ready to assist colleagues and will ensure justice is done. He is a man of the people, the evidence(s) abound with the public interest litigation he has successfully done and saw to logical conclusion.

Kunle Edun is not one of those politicians that will suddenly start rendering services to people simply because he is vying for an elective post. He is a sincere man. We need someone like Kunle Edun in the public service. We need Mr Kunle Edun in the helm of affairs. Mr Kunle Edun is wired to assist his co Lawyers or anyone who needs his assistance whether he is vying for an elective post or not. He is a blessing to the legal profession, a blessing to Law and Society Forum and a blessing to Nigeria as a whole. I am indeed happy to him.

This is the man that will ensure welfare of lawyers is given utmost importance. He has the gene of excellence is in him, he is like a scriptural man of Issachar who understands time and season, he is like scriptural Daniel who has excellent spirit. He is a performer, an achiever.

I will stand with him always, and I am standing with him right now.

I remain,
Rafiu Tolani Esq

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