RE: Edo 14 Absconded Members’ August Visit to the Chairman of CCB: A Case of Flogging a Willing Horse

The Edo Youth Vanguard stumbled on a poorly scripted gibberish, purported to emanate from a faceless and non-descript group that goes by the clumsy nomenclature: Coalition of Edo People’s Frontiers. We wish to state firstly that the 14 Legislators did not abscond. We all remember the cycle of violence unleashed on them that made they restratagized, as they say safety first. As Democrats, they have instituted the requisite cases in Court and they await the day of Justice which will surely come.

While the Edo Youth Vanguard reckons that the Balkanization of the PDP accentuated by the divide and rule nuances of the paymaster of these naive charlatans, who shamelessly are defending the fact that even they -the traducers do not even have representatives in the Edo State House of Assembly as provided for by Law. We wish to remind members of this group of intellectual midgets, that the cases in Court borders on the proprietary or other wise of operating a State House of Assembly with 10 members against the spirits and letters of the constitution,which states that a House of Assembly of a State shall comprise of not less than 24 Members and not more than 40 Members, as against the 10 jokers sitting inside Government House purporting to be the Edo State House of Assembly while the complaint against the Clerk of the Edo State House Assembly at the Code of Conduct Bureau is the unconscionable, despicable, ignominious and reprehensible conduct of the Clerk of the Edo State House of Assembly of co-ordinating a night inauguration of the Edo State House Assembly, there by acting in a partisan manner against his Oath before a High Court Judge to uphold the tenets of the Code of Conduct for Public Officers as enshrined in the 4th Schedule of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ,1999 (As Amended ), by the 4th Alteration.

The allegation of a member of the CCB being friendly to the Gallant 14 legislators is unfounded and smacks of the antics of a drowning man trying to cling into any thing close, no matter how tenuous and ineffective while drowning.

We should all await the process of the CCB , as a clear conscience fears no accusation and injustice any where is a threat to justice every where. The wheel of Justice grinds slowly, but surely. When the story of the hijack of the Edo State House is said, the 14 Gallant Legislators will be celebrated as the champions of democracy, while the hijackers will be confined to the dustbin of history as usurpers of democracy. The evil that men do no longer live after them like in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the evil that men do now live along with them.

We call on the promoters of this group that mean no well to go get a decent jobs, instead of being social media miscreants, commenting on issues that they have shallow knowledge of. In a Monarchy the king is the Law, in a Democracy ,the Law is the King-Thoman Paine -American Federalist during the American Civil War.

We stand for following due process in a democratic setting and the complaint of the 14 Gallant Legislators are within their rights in a democracy like ours. The Clerk of the House being a Civil Servant who choose to connive with democratic usurpers against his code of conduct should go and face the music he has orchestrated. Those who live in glass houses , should not throw stones

Osaro Isioma ,
Co-ordinator, Edo Youth Vanguard ,Benin City .


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